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Completed the 1st batch of our new pedal


It’s been a looong hot summer (still is..) but we managed to complete the very first batch of our newest pedal. It was a really complex process all along but we had so much fun doing it, we learned quite a few new tricks and we’re very proud of what we did.

There are lots of other (smaller) things that need to be finished, but we are quite confident that our new pedal will see the light at the end of this summer.

We know that some of you are eagerly awaiting our new product, but the clock is ticking.. please be patient just a little bit more 🙂

Football madness in DryBell


Driven by the Football

madness ⚽ that has completely possessed our whole nation after winning the silver medal at the World cup 2018, we decided to celebrate with you too! 🙂

Catch the $50 off special deal on the Vibe Machine V-2 directly from our shop!

Our offer is valid ’till midnight July 31st, so hurry up! 🙂

Greetings from Croatia!  

Your DryBell Team 

New pedal production


Many hours of research and development is finally behind us and we’ve started with production of the FIRST batch of our new pedal 😀
A release is planned for the end of the summer, so stay tuned!


V-1 & V-2 Differences


Since we released Vibe Machine V-2, lots of people asked us what’s the difference between V-1 and V-2 Vibe Machine?

Well, here‘s a nice info sheet where you can see the main differences side by side.

Of course, some people prefer the simplicity, other prefer endless tweaking possibilities and additional features, but as long they are happy with the way it sounds, that’s all that matters.

You can download PDF version in here.

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B-Stock Vibe Machine V-2 – 12% Off


Just to briefly inform you that we have a certain quantity of B-stock Vibe Machines V-2 to offer you with 12% off. Pedals are absolutely functional, brand new, never used, equal to a standard model.

What makes them ‘not-A-stock’ are slight cosmetic imperfections, mostly flaws in the powder coating. So, you still get a great sound and full DryBell warranty. Grab one while you still can, quantities are limited.
Cheers! 😊
Your DryBell Team

New pedal demo


As you may know, we’re preparing a brand new pedal for you and we’re getting closer each day to make it happen.
Right now it’s in the pre-production phase, so it shouldn’t be very long..
This picture is taken after a very long weekend at the very end of the new demo filming.. we’re missing some key members in here but it was very late..
You can expect some fine tunes in the new pedal demo from these guys and that’s just a part of it.. so stay tuned 🙂

Photo by Silkfatblues

Jason “JJ Boogie” Reichert

Jason “JJ Boogie” Reichert is the world-touring guitarist for Grammy award-winning hip hop group Arrested Development, co-writing, producing, and mixing for the band (including two Top 10 hits in Asia). He has performed and toured with such legendary blues acts as Taj Mahal, Charles Musselwhite, Sean Costello, Tinsley Ellis and The Holmes Brothers on guitar and drums. His studio prowess is on display in the song “Don’t Front” from Eminem’s double platinum album MMLP2 Deluxe, 2015 Grammy Award winner for Best Rap Album.


JJ’s advice to aspiring musicians is to “always strive to learn, practice, experiment, and HAVE FUN!!!”

His view on the Vibe Machine:

“As a player that is heavily influenced by the inspiration and emotion of the gear I play, the Vibe Machine always gives good vibes! Rich sound from a subtle to over the top effect if needed, this little compact versatile DryBell pedal always delivers!”

UPS 2-3 days delivery to US & CA for only $24.50!


We have some fantastic news for our customers from USA and Canada. UPS has decided to offer us a very competitive new shipping prices for USA and Canada deliveries, our strongest markets.

So, if you live in the USA or Canada, from now on, you can get your hands on the DryBell pedal in 2-3 days after completed order for only US $24.50 ($7.00  more than with the regular slow uninsured mail).

This sounds like a good deal 😊!

More about the new shipping options for US & CA you can read in our Terms & Conditions

Testing, testing…


Most of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram already know about our new pedal which is in final testing stage at this point. We’re playing with it every day on various setups and preparing a new demo for your viewing & listening pleasure. It’s a long but fun process and we are very pleased with the results. Hopefuly you will be too! 🙂 Stay tuned..

Jacob Petersen

Jacob Petersen spent the first 24 years of his life in Aarhus, Denmark. Although a late start on the guitar, at the age of 17, Jacob has quickly developed a reputation as a world class guitarist/musician. A move to the US to further develop his playing has led to gigs through out the US, Canada and Europe with Curtis Salgado, Javina Magness and even a friendship with Steve Miller.
In 2005, the Salgado band toured opening for Steve Miller. Steve was so impressed with Jacob’s playing and feel on stage that he invited him to sit in at the Mandalay Casino in Las Vegas. In 2011, Jacob became an official member of The Steve Miller Band.

His view on the Vibe Machine:

I’m blown away with how inspiring The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 is to play and how versatile it is while also being super simple to use. I’ve had uni-vibe pedals on my board before but always removed them shortly after, because they’re always huge and has a limited range of use which make them inefficient and impractical on most pedal boards. Not so with the DryBell! It has a unimaginable small footprint, uses a regular 9 volts without a loss in fidelity, all the controls work in perfect harmony, and the ramp feature with the external foot switch is just icing on the cake. I also find it fantastic for funk rhythm parts, it’s so textured and juicy, while cutting through the mix no problem. I LOVE this pedal!

Holiday shipping schedule


You’ve probably noticed our Holiday Special, but in case you’ve missed it, here’s what we have for you 🙂

Please keep in mind that we cannot ship your orders on 25th and 26th of Dec because of Christmas.
In the period of 27th and 29th of Dec, DryBell team we’ll take a well-deserved three days off 🙂 , but all orders that we receive between Saturday 23rd of Dec and Thursday 28th of Dec will be shipped on Friday 29th of Dec 2017.
All orders that we receive between Friday 29th of Dec, 2017 and Monday 1st of Jan, 2018 will be shipped on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.
In those non-working periods, Martina will still be checking DryBell mail inbox, so you’ll get response to your emails, but with a slight delay of day or two.

Happy Holidays and BIG thanks to everyone who purchased our products!

DryBell’s Holiday Special


It’s that time of the year again and we prepared special Holiday discounts for you:

20 % Off Vibe Machine V-1

10 % Off Vibe Machine V-2

FREE Worldwide shipping

50 % Off Fast shipping (UPS & FedEx)

Treat yourself with some good Vibes! 🙂

2nd L.A. Stompbox Exhibit at Sam Ash


Delicious Audio and Sam Ash Music announced the 2nd edition of The L.A. StompBox Exhibit, a free for all interactive display of guitar effect pedals.

Hosted at Sam Ash’s premier store in West Hollywood, located in Sunset Boulevard, the exhibit is scheduled for December, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd (from noon to 7pm on Saturday, and from noon to 6pm on Sunday).

Visitors can bring their own guitar to try the pedals in the headphones with their own instrument, or borrow one from the store.

This is a great opportunity to try our Vibe Machine! Let us know how you like it 🙂

New pedal in development


Something new is cookin’ in the DryBell kitchen 😀 Our electronic wizzard Zvonch is using some special home-made recipes for our new pedal and this time it will be a completely different cookie.
What will it be? Well, it won’t be a Vibe pedal..

We will keep you updated so, stay tuned!

Geo Evans

Geo Evans is an American rock guitarist / songwriter/founder of the rock band Race No More & has worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Toni Braxton, Brenda Russel, Rick James, Parliament Funkadelic, J-Lo, The Bus Boys, Teena Marie, The Emotions, Kenny Loggins..








He’s been using our Vibe Machine V-2 and F-1L Footswitch on his latest pedalboard created by L.A Sound Design: