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Footswitch F-1L3

IN STOCK / $33.00 (VAT excl.)
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The F-1L3 Footswitch is an accessory for the Vibe Machine V-2 or V-3 pedal. It is designed for multiple purposes, specifically for the V-2/V-3: Tap Tempo, Leslie FAST/SLOW mode, Two Speed mode or to engage the Cancel function. It is a simple latching footswitch wired tip to sleeve. Naturally, it can be used with any other pedal which uses a footswitch option.


You will find its small size (5 x 5cm / 2 x 2″) very practical for use on any type of pedalboard. We use only high quality components (Neutrik jacks/Alpha switches) in both the F-1L3 and the Vibe Machine pedals. It is a very solid and durable footswitch made out of aluminum. We also use graphite metallic finish on both the F-1L3 Footswitch and the Vibe Machine V-2.


In order to connect the F-1L3 Footswitch to the Vibe Machine V-2 or V-3 PEDAL+ expression input, use a simple mono patch cable (a stereo patch cable will also work).
As a token of our gratitude you will find a small gift inside the box: a DryBell pick along with four self-adhesive rubber feet.


If you decide to purchase this footswitch in the same order as the Vibe Machine, there will be no additional shipping costs. The F-13L is a lightweight device (105g/0.23 lb) and packed together with the Vibe Machine will only weigh approximately (0.5kg/1lb).



We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments on the F-1L3 Footswitch!Be the first to send us your review at and we’ll happily publish it in our web site – reviews section!

Your DryBell Team

Support & Manuals

Here you can find User’s manuals, F.A.Q. documents and other documents and videos which we hope will help you.

Back from NAMM!


We’re finally back home, trying to fight the jet-lag, but we’re feeling thankful and happy after this amazing NAMM/California experience! 🌴🌞
It was really great seeing a LOT of people & friends coming to our booth to try our old & new pedals. Seeing them with a satisfied smile after they’ve tried ’em, we knew it was all worth it.
Module 4, our brand new pedal introduced at NAMM 2022 for the first time, is a highly versatile take on a classic vintage compressor, inspired by Dan Armstrong’s Orange Squeezer. It features two analog compressor voicings (OS + Full range compressor) and MUCH more in a brand new custom aluminum enclosure! ✨
We are thrilled with the first feedback from musicians that tried it at our booth and that makes us even more excited about the release. A planned release is in early October, so stay tuned! 🙂

DryBell at NAMM 2022


Finally! After a LONG wait, we’re happy to report that we will be attending this year’s NAMM show! We are really excited to reunite with our customers & friends and to show you something we’ve been cooking last year 🙂 Hopefully we’ll see you there!

We’ll be sharing a booth with some other great companies under Delicious Audio Stompbox Exhibit 5239 shared booth (Hall D) so feel free to visit us! 🙂


One of the best Uni‑Vibe clones on the market just got an update! ✨

In an era of do‑it‑all modulation effects, not everyone needs or wants the very specific palette of Uni‑Vibe tones. But when you do there may be no more convenient way of getting there than with a Vibe Machine V-3: the classic sound in a compact enclosure, with true bypass, remote control and almost infinite tweakability.  Choosing a Uni‑Vibe‑style pedal is a highly personal and subjective matter — but I’ve yet to hear one better than this.” Dave Lockwood –


The Vibe Machine V-3 featured in Guitar World as one of the favorites things released in 2021 🎶

What do Steve Stevens, Joe Satriani, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Joe Perry have in common? They’ve all used the Vibe Machine — made by Croatian boutique pedal specialists DryBell and widely considered to be one of the finest vibes, if not the finest vibe, available today.

Rex Brown

Rex Brown is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the longtime bassist for heavy metal band Pantera (1982–2003). He is a former member of Down (2001–2011) and the former bassist for the band Kill Devil Hill. He released his debut solo album “Smoke on This…” in 2017. For the first time in Brown’s career, the work features him not only as a bassist but also as lead vocalist and guitarist.
Brown authored a book called Official Truth 101 Proof, which was released in April 2013. The book documents Pantera’s formation, career, and disbandment.

We’re really glad knowing that the Unit67 has became inevitable part of his rig.
Here’s direct quote from Rex:
“The DryBell Unit67 is on every pedalboard I use!! It has a certain sparkle feel unlike most every other pedal of its caliber out on the market today!! The compression is the glue behind this pedal, it makes all the notes come alive with Bass or Guitars!! Do yourself a favor…DryBell Unit67!!”


Vibe Machine V-3 listed as one of Best of new Modulation, Pitch and Utility Pedals for the Year 2021! 💯 🎶

I can’t say why it took me so long to get to the Vibe Machine – but it’s absolutely my perfect Uni-Vibe device – in terms of tones, format and function. Having the F-1L footswitch allows me to ramp up and down the speed in the most elegant Leslie style fashion – it also has hidden depths – with multiple smart options available via the Speed dial’s secondary Menu Options – just an incredible device all-round which puts most others to shame. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to go for those enormous hefty sized ‘Vintage’ style units – when they can get their hands on one of these – just superb in every way really!Stefan Karlsson @

B-Stock Vibe Machine V-3

B-stock pedals are brand new, never used, absolutely functional, equal to a standard model.
What makes them ‘not-A-Stock’ are some cosmetic imperfections, mostly flaws in the powder coating, small scratches or imperfect silkscreen. So, you still get a great sound, full DryBell warranty and 12% discount! 🙂

DryBell’s Holiday Special 2021!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, again … ♪ ♫ ♪

Holiday deals in DryBell include:

  • FREE DHL / UPS shipping (for USA & Canada)
  • FREE DHL (Worldwide)
  • FREE Regular post (Worldwide)
  • Special 10% discount for purchasing multiple pedals


Holiday special offer for purchasing multiple pedals:  10% Off!

If you are interested in purchasing multiple pedals from the DryBell Web Shop, please contact us on and Martina will send you a customized PayPal payment link that includes 10% Off + free shipping. This offer includes any combination of 2 or more DryBell pedals in a single purchase (F-1L Footswitch doesn’t count as a second item). Don’t forget to specify in your email which shipping option you prefer!


Free shipping also applies to B-stock models

B-stock pedals are brand new, never used, absolutely functional, equal to a standard model. What makes them ‘not-A-Stock’ are some cosmetic imperfections, mostly flaws in the powder coating, small scratches or imperfect silkscreen. So, you still get a great sound, full DryBell warranty, 12% discount AND Free shipping! Currently, we have B-stock Vibe Machine V-2, Vibe Machine V-3 and The Engine available in stock. B-stock offer is valid while stock lasts.


This holiday offer ends on January 3rd!

Wishing you an abundance of love, happiness, joy, health, wealth and blessings in 2022 and beyond!

Your DryBell team!


Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses loving the Unit67! 🌟


From the recent Guitarworld interview:

What pedals are blowing your mind right now?

The DryBell Unit67 is a great compressor/boost and I have that in my A rig right now. ” – Richard Fortus

Black Friday 2021


Hi guys!

Another year, another Black Friday, the moment many of you have been waiting for, so here we go:

Our Black Friday sale starts: NOW!
Our Black Friday sale ends: Nov 29!


10% Off & FREE shipping –> Vibe Machine V-3
12% Off & FREE shipping –> Unit67
15% Off & FREE shipping –> The Engine


You can choose between FREE 2-3 days shipping (DHL / UPS) and regular post.

If you are from EU country please click to EU SHOP, if not, please click to NON EU SHOP.


Happy BF shopping!


The Vibe Machine V-3 review by Tinkercity Music! 🎶🌟

Simply put, the new Vibe Machine V-3 is a great sounding Uni-Vibe pedal. It’s familiar yet enables much further exploration of the tones we all love as Vibe enthusiasts. As soon as I plugged the V-3 in I noticed wider boundaries, richer low end and a more available top end. I found that you could nail the vintage Uni-Vibe tones we all love but also get more modern focused tones …


DryBell Celebrates 10 Years of its Magnificent Vibe Machine – with an even more flavoursome V3 Edition 🎶

The Vibe Machine is a veritable Iceberg or Tardis even with hidden depths and breadth. Fittingly the latest version has been honed for even greater modulation texture to deliver a deeper and wider tonality. In fact this pedal is all about hidden depths – where there are really 4 levels to its brilliance.Stefan Karlsson @


The Vibe Machine V-3 revealed by Premier Guitar! 🌟

The main difference between V-3 and V-2 is in the modulation EQ. V-2 modulates just a slight part of the main tone (mid-range focused modulation), while V-3 blends in nicely with the main tone and modulates it without changing the EQ. V-3 has a wider modulation and brings more depth.”



Shipments to EU countries are shipped the same or next working day. You can choose from 4 different shipment options: Regular post, DHL, UPS or FedEx. Please read more info about shipping types in our Terms and Conditions.



All available shipping options can be selected in the drop-down menu above the „Buy Now“ button for the item you’re buying. DHL, UPS and FedEx require that a phone number accompany every shipment. This is to assist the carrier if there is a delivery problem. Please send us your contact phone after completed payment.

Make sure you’ve selected your desirable shipping option in the drop-down menu before you click on the “Buy Now” button.


Shipping rates for the Vibe Machine V-2/V-3 and Unit67 (up to 0.5 kg weight) defer from the shipping rates for The Engine (up to 1.0 kg weight):

Regular post (6-15 days delivery): 14.00 € FREE (0.5 kg) // 17.75 €  FREE (1.0 kg)

DHL (2-3 days delivery): 18.75 € FREE (0.5 kg) // 18.75 € FREE (1.0 kg)
UPS (2-3 days delivery): 28.50 € (0.5 kg) // 35.00 € (1.0 kg)
FedEx (2-3 days delivery): 34.50 € (0.5 kg) // 40.50 € (1.0 kg)


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If you are domestic (Croatian customer), please ask for a quote in the domestic currency via Payment via PayPal in the foreign currency for Croatian customers is not possible, only bank transfer is applicable.


Saving through combined shipping:
If you are interested in purchasing multiple items from the DryBell Web Shop, contact us on and ask for a combined shipping quote.

Vibe Machine V-3 is released!


Dear folks!

Here at DryBell our 10th anniversary celebrations have just begun and we proudly present a brand new version of the Vibe MachineV-3 is here!

It’s an exceptional sounding Vibe, a bit different from the previous versions with its own unique sound, character and depth.

We are delighted to share this 3rd edition of the Vibe Machine with the World and can’t wait to hear your feedback after you’ve tried it out. 10 years have passed since the release of the first Vibe Machine and we are very proud that our Vibe has found a fond place on so many of your pedalboards around the world.

We’re doing our best to leave our mark in the pedal world.

This is another big and special year for us. Aside from the fact that we’ve just released a very compelling third version of the Vibe Machine, we have also expanded the space of our workshop and hired a new engineer who has seriously strengthened our R&D department. This gave several projects a significant boost, as a result our next unique pedal will be released next year!

But for now, let’s focus on the Vibe Machine V-3!

We wish you a lot of fun with our new creation and we hope you enjoy discovering new sounds in the vast universe of the Uni-Vibe!

Feel free to contact us any time!

Your DryBell team



Everyone gets free 2-3 days worldwide shipping until Oct 10!

(applies to all DryBell products)


Vibe Machine™ V-3

IN STOCK / $319.00 (VAT excl.)
If you are from EU country please click to EU SHOP, if not, please click to NON EU SHOP.



DryBell Vibe Machine V-3

V-3 features the same options as the V-2, so it’s basically the same product in the context of secondary options. However, we played around with the complex opto-system a lot. The main difference between V-3 and V-2 is in the modulation EQ. V-2 modulates just a slight part of the main tone (mid-range focused modulation), while V-3 blends in nicely with the main tone and modulates it without changing the EQ. V-3 has a wider modulation and brings more depth.


It’s hard to believe that 10 years has passed since we started our journey into the wonders of the beautiful Uni-Vibe. Looking back to the time when we started our experiments with that three-dimensional sound, everything was very different from today.


It was a simpler time in the pedal world. There were several big, well-known companies that produced most of the classic pedals and a handful of smaller boutique builders. At that time, most new pedals could easily get into the spotlight, to be explored and talked about. It was the beginning of a golden era for the world of guitar pedals. Back then, only a few Uni-Vibe clones existed, most following the same circuit recipe as that used by the wonderful Shin-Ei, they were mostly big, bulky and rather expensive.


When we decided to take a shot with our Uni-Vibe, we wanted something different and more practical. We wanted The Sound, but we also wanted to make ours much smaller than any other Uni-Vibe on the market. In 2011, when the Vibe Machine V-1 was born, it was the smallest ever photocell-based Vibe pedal in the World retaining all the features of the classic Uni-Vibe. People loved it, and they still do.


A few years later, after extensive development, with tons of new experience, and with feedback gathered from our amazing customers, forum members, reviewers, demo guys and fellow musicians, the Vibe Machine V-2 arrived. It looked very similar to its predecessor, but it was much more complex under the hood. Besides all those added features, The Sound was greater than ever and it rocked the vibe community around the world! As one of the best Uni-Vibe effects available today, the Vibe Machine has received many awards from the Music Industry and we’re extremely proud of it!


The V-3 version

Several months ago, we wanted to find a special way to celebrate our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary and we decided to pull out our Vibe Machine breadboard. We played extensively with the complex opto-system and one specific setting sounded out of this world. We tried tons of different settings, but we kept on coming back to this particular one.


It was like re-mixing your greatest album. You know it’s great, but you wanted to add some magic touches to make it even more special. We didn’t expect that our breadboard experiment would result in a completely new version of our Vibe Machine, but this one is really something else and we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves. We wanted to share it with the World.


V-3 has its own colorful magic going on. Is it better than its predecessors? With such a unique sound presence, it’s really a matter of personal taste. V-3 is simply different and it sounds beautiful.


The main difference between V-3 and V-2 is in the modulation EQ. V-2 modulates just a slight part of your main tone (mid-range focused modulation), while V-3 blends in nicely with your main tone and modulates it without changing the EQ. V-3 has a wider modulation and brings you more depth. The Intensity’s character has also changed.


Additional options

V-3 features the same versatile custom sound options as V-2. There are 6 ‘set and forget’ side trimmers: CHORUS, GRIT, CUSTOM, SYM, RANGE and VOLUME. All these controls come with initial factory settings. Check the manual in the support tab for more detailed descriptions, but to begin playing you don’t need the manual or to adjust anything, just plug in and enjoy!


The CHORUS trimmer adjusts the depth of vibe modulation so the user can adjust the swirl/watery/chewy character of the Chorus sound. The CHORUS trimmer also affects the low end frequencies of the Chorus throb.


With GRIT you can set the overall brightness, it acts as a low pass passive tone control and also defines the output impedance. Try a fuzz/dirt pedal or just an amp after the V-3 and with GRIT you can find your tonal sweet spot with whatever is next in chain.


The CUSTOM trimmer adjusts the input impedance when the three way ORIGINAL/BRIGHT/CUSTOM switch is set to the CUSTOM position. If you switch guitars on stage, sometimes you may want to flip this switch to balance your guitar’s brightness.


The SYM and RANGE define the light bulb bias and character/response of the Vibe movement.


With the VOLUME trimmer at its maximum setting, it boosts your volume above and beyond unity gain.


The V-3 can be used with any passive expression pedal with a linear pot. Also, the V-3 has several functions that are controllable with the DryBell F-1L / F-1L3 footswitch or any other simple footswitch. With the footswitch you can engage the CANCEL function, TAP TEMPO feature, Fast/Slow with adjustable Leslie® ramp delay or a Two speed function.


CANCEL function – Just like on an original Uni-Vibe®, a warm & darker sounding preamp (Cancel on original Uni-Vibe®) is available using an expression pedal. Please refer to the Options manual for more information.


Just like on V-2, there are a couple of ‘set and forget’ options like different footswitch type compatibility, expression pedal pot taper adjustment and more. Check the V-3 options manual to see all of its features.


10th Anniversary

Throughout the years, The Vibe Machine continues to be a shining star on countless great pedalboards. It is a very specific ingredient in a musical color palette and we’re confident that this new V-3 version will very much inspire people to continue making great music with it.

We’re extremely proud of the fact that we can be a part of keeping the legendary sound alive. There’s no doubt in our minds that the V-3 is one of our highest achievements and a great way to celebrate our 10th anniversary!


A gift for you!

Within each Vibe Machine box purchased directly from DryBell, you will find a special gift for you – a handmade leather DryBell keychain pick-holder!

Try the Vibe Machine V-3!
Join the growing crowd of satisfied musicians and order your Vibe Machine V-3 now!


If you purchase Vibe Machine V-3 pedal from the DryBell website or from the DryBell’s shop on, your pedal will be shipped directly from our workshop in Krapina, Croatia. Overseas delivery time is approx. 2-3 working days with insured expedited shipping options – DHL, UPS or FedEx.


Depending on the time of purchase your pedal will be shipped the same day, or the next working day. We accept payment via PayPal and wire transfer.


Also, you can shop with confidence at any of our authorized dealers listed HERE.
So, order your Vibe Machine V-3 now, you won’t be disappointed! 😊


Thank you,
Your DryBell Team


P.S. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your pedal, don’t forget you can always return it for a full refund within 14 days of receipt. You can keep your DryBell pick-holder.


Uni-Vibe® is a registered trademark of Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.
Leslie® is a registered trademark of Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc.
We reserve the right to change prices, design and technical specifications without notice.



DryBell Vibe Machine V-3 demo

Demo by Brett Kingman #1

Demo by Brett Kingman #2

Demo by Brett Kingman #3

Demo by Brett Kingman #4

Demo by AndyDemos

Demo by Pete Thorn

Demo by R.J. Ronquillo

Demo by Mike Hermans

Demo by Mick Hayes

Demo by Tinkercity Music

Demo by Gilmourish

Demo by Perfecto De Castro

Demo by Alberto Barrero

Demo by John Mayer Gear

Demo by An Eishin

Demo by Sasha Ivantic


There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about other people’s experiences with something you’ve put so much of your energy and love into it.
Good or bad, we love them all, so if you’re tried the new Vibe Machine V-3, please give us your honest feedback. Thank you!
Norway, Guitar player

One word: AMAZING!!!!!!! 🤯

I’m done with 3 hours of pretty loud guitar here. 

Going through a Victory V100 and a Cornford MK50.
It sound so insanely close to Hendrix with my Pinehome strat with Wizz pickups, that i had to take a break to rethink my life 😂
Both the Vibe and Engine is doing these tones better than anything i’ve tried before. And i have played since 1987.

I have had multiple Marshalls, Mesa, Vox, Fender, Bogner, CAA, Peavey, Brunetti, Carvin, rack stuff, digital amps, modeling (Axe-Fx II) and played a lot of other amps.

The Engine is closer to that early british tones that i want, than any of them.
Bright and punchy in the right way. (No ice pick)

The Vibe Machine V-3 is instant Woodstock and kills every vibe i have had and tried.

So thanks to the one who has tuned these pedals.
And a big thanks to you Martina, for the fantastic service. I wish you all the best.



San Pedro CA, USA

I received the V-3 a few hours ago and have been playing it since- it’s awesome!! I used to have a V-1, still own a V-2- but this one might be my favorite yet. REALLY squishy feeling and delicious tone. You guys are the best. Hvala vam puno!

Support & Manuals

Here you can find User’s manuals, F.A.Q. documents and other documents and videos which we hope will help you.



Oct 1 – Starts a celebration of DryBell 10 Year Anniversary with a NEW product launch!

Oct 2-3 – If you are in the neighborhood, we’re inviting you to visit FREE Outdoor L.A. Pedal & Synth Expo 2021 on October 2-3 (Santa Monica’s Truetone’s Parking Lot)! All DryBell pedals will be available for trying, including a new product which will be launched the day before the event :-). We’ve prepared a special event discounts for you!

Our representative Brad Myers will be there for you to assist.

More about the event you can read in HERE.

We can’t wait for Friday!

Stay tuned!



The Engine Review by Vintage Guitar! 🌟

Plugged into a Fender 2×12 combo, The Engine is a tone shaper’s dream with goo-gobs of gain yielding all varieties of upscale British splendor – smooth, compressed, articulate and with complex overtones. It also works as a clean to dirty boost and yields British superiority regardless of which amp it’s plugged into.” 💯


The Engine Review – Get Killer Vintage British Tone! 🌟  

This pedal can add luscious, complex tones and harmonics to your sound. It will take your playing to the next level with touch-sensitive dynamics, even at low volume levels. The Engine helps your guitar’s tone and your playing shine through.

This pedal is truly “The Little Engine That Could!” 💯


The Engine reviewed by Stefan Karlsson of Guitar Pedal X 🌟  

To me this is probably the finest MIAB type pedal overall that I have yet encountered – certainly in this enclosure format. The output is beautifully balanced and richly harmonic – and all those controls work exactly as you would expect them to. This is a premium pristine precision device that I feel all would love to get their hands on.” 💯


It’s been dynamic in the DryBell camp for the past months. We’ve extended our workshop’s premises and hired another engineer to strengthen our R&D forces.

So, we’d like to welcome a new member of the DryBell teamKristijan Golub (Kiki). He’s a highly skilled electronics and embedded engineer with wide experience in audio systems and also a guitar enthusiast in love with the music. A perfect addition to the existing DryBell natives team 🙂

Welcome Kiki! 🙂


Unit67 received a “Vintage Guitar Approved Gear” badge in the latest issue of Vintage Guitar magazine! 🏆 


The DryBell Unit67 adds just the right amount of magic sauce to push a rig to the next level. It’s addictive too; you’ll find it want to be “on” all the time.” 💯

DHL low shipping rates


We have an amazingly low new shipping rates with DHL Express Worldwide (2-3 days shipping)!
If you are from the USA or Canada, shipping costs with DHL (2-3 day shipping) for the Vibe Machine V-2 or Unit67 are ONLY $19.50 and $21.50 for The Engine.
Shipping costs for a single pedal with DHL (2-3 day shipping) to all the other World countries (outside EU) are $25.50, while for the EU countries 18.75 €.
Visit our shop for more details.

DryBell Sonic Experience


If you’re already subscribed to our YouTube channel, you may have heard about the newest demo series called “DryBell Sonic Experience“.

The idea behind it is to feature some of our favorite stompboxes from a vast sea of incredible effects working in synergy with our pedals. They may be some unobtainable vintage, or brand new, we love ’em all. Each demo is played and produced by Kruno Domacinovic who has also been the main player in every DryBell demo since 2009. There’s a ton of great combinations and it’s a great world to explore!

Hopefully there will be something for everyone so make sure you’re subscribed to our channel!
Let us know what you think about it and what would you like to hear next in the comments 🙂


Unit67 just received a Guitar World’s Platinum Award, along with a glorious review! 🌟  


By combining a Rangemaster-style treble booster, versatile EQ section and compression based on the revered Urei/Universal Audio 1176 compressor/limiter, the DryBell Unit67 provides the sweetening functions of expensive studio processing gear in a compact, stageworthy stomp box format.” 💯

Unit67 received a Platinum Award from Guitar World!


Unit67 just received a Guitar World’s Platinum Award, along with a glorious review! 🌟


THE KEY TO getting great live guitar tone is by following a similar approach to what an engineer does in the recording studio: using a high-pass filter to cut excess bass, adjusting key EQ frequencies and applying high-quality transparent compression to tighten up the overall sound and bring it forward in the mix. By combining a Rangemaster-style treble booster, versatile EQ section and compression based on the revered Urei/Universal Audio 1176 compressor/limiter, the DryBell Unit67 provides the sweetening functions of expensive studio processing gear in a compact, stageworthy stomp box format.

You can read the whole review in here.


Happy 2021!


2020 was a horrendous year for all of us. Beside Covid-19, we were struck with devastating earthquakes in our country, many people lost their lives and homes. Hopefully we have something much nicer to hope for in 2021!

Wishing you all the best in the upcoming New Year!
Stay safe!

shop 2020 tmpl



B-STOCK – 12 % Off
€340.00 + shipping (incl. VAT)
€299.20 + FREE shipping
Click here to see our B-stock up close.

V-3 (B-stock) in EUR for EU (VAT incl.)


The Engine is among the Best new Overdrive and Distortion Pedals for the Year 2020! ⭐ 



I’m generally hugely impressed by its feature set and tones – and is probably the perfect take on the Plexi Drive + RangeMaster Treble Boost pedal.” – Stefan Karlsson,  Guitar Pedal X 💯


Vibe Machine V-2 in top 3 Univibes on GuitarPedal X! ✨


Check out the “12 Degrees’ Series” – 2020 Key Modulation Categories Edition by Stefan Karlsson from Guitar Pedal X 💯

It’s really cool to see our Vibe Machine V-2 in top 3 Univibes! ✨


Vibe Machine featured at Delicious Audio as one of The Best Uni-Vibe Pedals in 2021!  ⭐ 



DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 — One of the most versatile Vibes around, with controls for depth of modulation, tone, input impedance (for using different guitars), and output volume.” 💯


The Engine received “Recommended Gear of the Year 2020” badge in the “Best guitar effects pedal of 2020” awards ⚡✨

It hardly seems to matter what kind of amp you run it through – the Engine’s drive circuit pushes out classic Marshall grind, with that familiar tight bass and sweetly rasping edge. The mid-gain sounds are on the money and, yes, it will stretch to JCM800-style heavier tones with no less authority.




€371.25 + shipping (excl. VAT)
€371.25 + FREE shipping

Before you click on the “Buy Now” button, please choose your preferred shipping option in drop-down menu.

V-2 + F-1L in EUR for EU (incl. VAT)


A clever tone-improver that’s easy to use yet brilliantly versatile! ⭐️


With sustain set to maximum, this is not one of those subtle compressors where you find yourself glancing furtively at the LED to check it’s on. Strummed chords have their transients ruthlessly crushed, replaced by seemingly eternal sustain, while single notes are sweetly thickened and get just a hint of a thump to the attack.”


The Engine gets an Encore performance of its earlier award-winning PG review!⚡️


By boosting internal voltage to 23V and integrating a highly malleable EQ section, DryBell put together a preamp that generates heaps of thumping, dynamic, responsive, and searingly loud British textures

Black Friday 2020


Another year, another Black Friday, so here we go:

Black Friday 10% off & FREE shipping starts: NOW !
Black Friday 10% off & FREE shipping ends: Nov 30!

Black Friday 10% off applies to The Engine, Unit67 and Vibe Machine V-2 (incl. F-1L footswitch combo)!

Black Friday FREE shipping from Croatia covers:
– UPS (for USA & Canada)
– Regular post (Worldwide)
– Regular post (EU)

Happy BF shopping!