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Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known as Billy Idol’s gun-slinger guitarist.


His words about the Vibe Machine:


“Hi Zvonch, The pedal is just amazing. The custom mode sounds stunning. It’s even better then the old version….hard to believe.

Thanks, Steve”

Bruno Kovačić

Bruno Kovačić is a Croatian musician and composer.


“When I heard the DryBell Vibe for the first time it launched me back in time. I was a kid again, and this weird, bouncing sound under my fingertips, shrinking and expanding… I just loved it! Still loving it!
Thanks DryBell !”

Charlie Starr

Charlie Starr is an American musician, member of the “Blackberry Smoke”, southern rock/country rock band from Atlanta, Georgia


“I LOVE the Vibe Machine so much. It is, by far, the best sounding and most versatile vibe pedal I’ve had the experience of using. It is such a welcome addition to my gear, i use it at every show!! Thank you, DryBell !”


Jon Carin

Jon Carin is an American producer, artist and musician, best known for his association with Pink Floyd and, more specifically, its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters.

This is his view on the Vibe Machine:

“Anyone who knows their Univibes, knows it’s an incredibly difficult sound to replicate. I’ve spent a lot of time around vintage ones, and my ear is quite tuned into what I like about the best ones I’ve heard. The Vibe Machine is my favorite recreation. On top of achieving the chewy, very physical sound, it seems to keep the integrity of the instrument’s tone. All of the time & effort they put into the compact design, photocells and tweakability is evident.
I’m enjoying mine very much!.”

His view on the Unit67:

“I’m absolutely loving the Unit 67. I’m using it on my lap steel on the Us & Them Tour In Breathe, Great Gig In The Sky, Wish You Were Here, Deja Vu etc. I’m really enjoying how I can dial in the EQ, compression & boost in one place. Wonderful for slide.”

Vlatko Ćavar – Brada

Brada is a Croatian rock’n’roll guitar player, member of a “Psihomodo Pop” rock band. He’s been playing the guitar his whole life and beside playing, he’s enjoying winding his own guitar pickups. He is one of the first Vibe Machine users.


Michael Landau
Doyle Bramhall II – Eric Clapton, Roger Waters
Jon Carin –  David Gilmour, Roger Waters
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Steve Stevens – Billy Idol
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Joe Perry – Aerosmith
Brad Whitford – Aerosmith
Richard Fortus – Guns N’ Roses
Charlie Starr – Blackberry Smoke
Joey Landreth
Jacob Petersen – The Steve Miller Band
Owen Barry – Tal Wilkenfeld
Mick Hayes
Nick Perri – Silvertide
Jesse Johnson – The Time
Vedran Božić – Time
Nebojša Antonijević – Anton – Partibrejkers
Vlatko Ćavar – Brada – Psihomodo Pop
Bruno Kovačić
Miro Lesić
JP Cervoni – The Babys
Gino Matteo – Bennett Matteo Band
Gwyn Ashton
Robinson Sartorius
Jared Scharff – SNL 
Shane Henry
Francesco D’Andrea
Bob Fridzema – King King
Thaddeus Hogarth – Thaddeus Hogarth Band 
Geo Evan Geo – Race No More
Jason “JJ Boogie” Reichert – Arrested Development
Scott Martinez – Alice Sweet Alice