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One of the best Uni‑Vibe clones on the market just got an update! ✨

In an era of do‑it‑all modulation effects, not everyone needs or wants the very specific palette of Uni‑Vibe tones. But when you do there may be no more convenient way of getting there than with a Vibe Machine V-3: the classic sound in a compact enclosure, with true bypass, remote control and almost infinite tweakability.  Choosing a Uni‑Vibe‑style pedal is a highly personal and subjective matter — but I’ve yet to hear one better than this.” Dave Lockwood –


The Vibe Machine V-3 featured in Guitar World as one of the favorites things released in 2021 🎶

What do Steve Stevens, Joe Satriani, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Joe Perry have in common? They’ve all used the Vibe Machine — made by Croatian boutique pedal specialists DryBell and widely considered to be one of the finest vibes, if not the finest vibe, available today.


Vibe Machine V-3 listed as one of Best of new Modulation, Pitch and Utility Pedals for the Year 2021! 💯 🎶

I can’t say why it took me so long to get to the Vibe Machine – but it’s absolutely my perfect Uni-Vibe device – in terms of tones, format and function. Having the F-1L footswitch allows me to ramp up and down the speed in the most elegant Leslie style fashion – it also has hidden depths – with multiple smart options available via the Speed dial’s secondary Menu Options – just an incredible device all-round which puts most others to shame. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to go for those enormous hefty sized ‘Vintage’ style units – when they can get their hands on one of these – just superb in every way really!Stefan Karlsson @


Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses loving the Unit67! 🌟


From the recent Guitarworld interview:

What pedals are blowing your mind right now?

The DryBell Unit67 is a great compressor/boost and I have that in my A rig right now. ” – Richard Fortus


The Vibe Machine V-3 review by Tinkercity Music! 🎶🌟

Simply put, the new Vibe Machine V-3 is a great sounding Uni-Vibe pedal. It’s familiar yet enables much further exploration of the tones we all love as Vibe enthusiasts. As soon as I plugged the V-3 in I noticed wider boundaries, richer low end and a more available top end. I found that you could nail the vintage Uni-Vibe tones we all love but also get more modern focused tones …


DryBell Celebrates 10 Years of its Magnificent Vibe Machine – with an even more flavoursome V3 Edition 🎶

The Vibe Machine is a veritable Iceberg or Tardis even with hidden depths and breadth. Fittingly the latest version has been honed for even greater modulation texture to deliver a deeper and wider tonality. In fact this pedal is all about hidden depths – where there are really 4 levels to its brilliance.Stefan Karlsson @


The Vibe Machine V-3 revealed by Premier Guitar! 🌟

The main difference between V-3 and V-2 is in the modulation EQ. V-2 modulates just a slight part of the main tone (mid-range focused modulation), while V-3 blends in nicely with the main tone and modulates it without changing the EQ. V-3 has a wider modulation and brings more depth.”


The Engine Review by Vintage Guitar! 🌟

Plugged into a Fender 2×12 combo, The Engine is a tone shaper’s dream with goo-gobs of gain yielding all varieties of upscale British splendor – smooth, compressed, articulate and with complex overtones. It also works as a clean to dirty boost and yields British superiority regardless of which amp it’s plugged into.” 💯


The Engine Review – Get Killer Vintage British Tone! 🌟  

This pedal can add luscious, complex tones and harmonics to your sound. It will take your playing to the next level with touch-sensitive dynamics, even at low volume levels. The Engine helps your guitar’s tone and your playing shine through.

This pedal is truly “The Little Engine That Could!” 💯


The Engine reviewed by Stefan Karlsson of Guitar Pedal X 🌟  

To me this is probably the finest MIAB type pedal overall that I have yet encountered – certainly in this enclosure format. The output is beautifully balanced and richly harmonic – and all those controls work exactly as you would expect them to. This is a premium pristine precision device that I feel all would love to get their hands on.” 💯


Unit67 received a “Vintage Guitar Approved Gear” badge in the latest issue of Vintage Guitar magazine! 🏆 


The DryBell Unit67 adds just the right amount of magic sauce to push a rig to the next level. It’s addictive too; you’ll find it want to be “on” all the time.” 💯


Unit67 just received a Guitar World’s Platinum Award, along with a glorious review! 🌟  


By combining a Rangemaster-style treble booster, versatile EQ section and compression based on the revered Urei/Universal Audio 1176 compressor/limiter, the DryBell Unit67 provides the sweetening functions of expensive studio processing gear in a compact, stageworthy stomp box format.” 💯


The Engine is among the Best new Overdrive and Distortion Pedals for the Year 2020! ⭐ 



I’m generally hugely impressed by its feature set and tones – and is probably the perfect take on the Plexi Drive + RangeMaster Treble Boost pedal.” – Stefan Karlsson,  Guitar Pedal X 💯


Vibe Machine V-2 in top 3 Univibes on GuitarPedal X! ✨


Check out the “12 Degrees’ Series” – 2020 Key Modulation Categories Edition by Stefan Karlsson from Guitar Pedal X 💯

It’s really cool to see our Vibe Machine V-2 in top 3 Univibes! ✨


Vibe Machine featured at Delicious Audio as one of The Best Uni-Vibe Pedals in 2021!  ⭐ 



DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 — One of the most versatile Vibes around, with controls for depth of modulation, tone, input impedance (for using different guitars), and output volume.” 💯


The Engine received “Recommended Gear of the Year 2020” badge in the “Best guitar effects pedal of 2020” awards ⚡✨

It hardly seems to matter what kind of amp you run it through – the Engine’s drive circuit pushes out classic Marshall grind, with that familiar tight bass and sweetly rasping edge. The mid-gain sounds are on the money and, yes, it will stretch to JCM800-style heavier tones with no less authority.


A clever tone-improver that’s easy to use yet brilliantly versatile! ⭐️


With sustain set to maximum, this is not one of those subtle compressors where you find yourself glancing furtively at the LED to check it’s on. Strummed chords have their transients ruthlessly crushed, replaced by seemingly eternal sustain, while single notes are sweetly thickened and get just a hint of a thump to the attack.”


The Engine gets an Encore performance of its earlier award-winning PG review!⚡️


By boosting internal voltage to 23V and integrating a highly malleable EQ section, DryBell put together a preamp that generates heaps of thumping, dynamic, responsive, and searingly loud British textures


The Engine review by Pedal Of The Day 🌟


“Aiming to cover all the classic overdriven tones you hear on many different amps, The Engine has two very strong and independent sections, designed to work with a variety of musical gear. These sections share a a high headroom, ultra-low noise buffer, designed to have no signal loss. Using only long life, highly reliable components, your Engine Foundation Preamp will keep running for years and years to come

Unit67 – Pedal Of The Day 🌟


“The DryBell Unit67 EQ Boost Compressor is the perfect combination of three key effects, all working in perfect synergy to give you “that sound” you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re playing loud rock and roll, quiet jazz or big, sustained blues, this pedal makes your guitar and amp absolutely sing. We love it so much that it instantly found its way right onto our demo pedalboard, making everything else around it sound just that much better.”  


The Engine earned a “Premier Gear” badge! 🌟


The Engine is a combination of good design, a keen ear for vintage sound and dynamics, and considerable thought for how a modern player might use these tones. Both effects are outstanding, but combined they take the amp-in-a-box to a higher level. And let me tell you, this preamp is loud. It might be one of most powerful and robust gain circuits I’ve ever played.”


What we’re really here for is the crunchy stuff… and it’s extremely good!🔥


“There’s nothing like the roar of an old Plexi head, but they’re devastating loud and hefty beasts – especially once you’ve slapped the obligatory 4×12 cab underneath – so the current trend for ‘Marshall in a box’ pedals makes a lot of sense. And this one, from DryBell is quite possibly the classiest example yet.”


This is probably the best overdrive pedal I’ve tried in many many years! – Bjorn Riis ⚡        

“It really feels like I’m playing a real tube amp.  One thing I often miss in Marshall modelled pedals is that they either lack the low end or that the mids are either too low or too high. The Engine is perfectly balanced, with that low end chug and the mids right where they should be, without sounding boxy or hollow.”  


Michael Landau, our featured Artist and one of the most widely respected guitarists in the world, talks about his gear! 🛸


Mike Landau has been using our Vibe Machine for years and it’s always a pleasure seeing it on his touring board. Read all about it in the latest issue of Guitar World!



The Engine⚡entered the game at Deli Magazine!


Sporting a “Foundation Preamp” subtitle, the Engine is a fully analog, high headroom, extremely versatile dual preamp that aims at covering all the classic, British, ’60s-inspired overdriven tones on any type of amp, at any level you may fancy.”



Tinkercity Music 🎶 featuring the glowing review of The Engine!


“Simply put, The Engine is an incredible sounding and feeling pedal. What you’re left with is one fantastic overdrive and distortion box that not only sounds like a vintage British tube amp… but feels like one!”



The Engine’s announcement in magazine


“Pedal manufacturer DryBell has announced its latest pedal-sized preamp, entitled The Engine. It’s inspired by the brand’s love for “60’s non-master-volume amplifiers.”


The Engine’s announcement in Premier Guitar


The Engine – A powerful voice for musicians.”- just got featured in latest edition of Premier Guitar!


Vibe Machine V-2 on Guitar World’s list of the best Blues guitar gear! 🌟


“If you’re looking to recreate that throbbing modulation conjured by Jimi Hendrix on Machine Gun, or by Robin Trower on early hit Bridge Of Sighs, you’re going to need a good vibe pedal. This update of the Vibe Machine by Croatian specialists DryBell is pretty much the best of its kind, with even more modes and functionality bundled into a tiny package.” 


Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Brad Whitford love DryBell pedals! 🎵


A closer look into Joe and Brad’s onstage pedalboards, reveal both the Unit67 and couple of the Vibe Machines. Brad uses Unit67 as “always on” pedal and Joe uses TWO Vibe Machines and a Unit67!



Unit67 featured at Delicious Audio ⭐ 


Up until 2019, Croatian manufacturer DryBell has been very focused on building the best possible Uni-Vibe pedal recreations. Everything changed today, with the release of their first non-vibe product called Unit67, a utility pedal that – knowing the company’s designing rigor – promises to be a very useful and great sounding tool.💯


Full Rig Rundown with Pete Thorn for Classic Rock Show @ GuitarGuitar ✨


Pete Thorn is using our Unit67 on his board for quite some time now. Find out how he uses it in the latest Rig Rundown by GuitarGuitar


Vibe Machine V-2 is on the Music Radar’s “Best guitar effects pedals 2020” list 🔥🔥🔥


“While many pedals have attempted to recreate that legendary sound over the years, very few can rival the  Vibe Machine. Its rich, 3D harmonics and textures sound incredible from the word go, but the V-2 also allows you to sculpt and tweak more than any Vibe pedal ever made”


If you thought you know everything about the pedals, think again 


In this day of age, the pedal world is getting out of control and it’s quite difficult to keep track of all of them.
Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper’s PEDAL CRUSH book will help you immensely in that task, featuring over 800 guitar effects on almost 400 pages including The Vibe Machine and Unit67!


Check out the Unit67 on Bass guitar in the latest video by one and only “pedal whisperer” Andy Martin 🎶


“And here’s the great thing about the Unit67 with bass—it just tightens everything up without being overly compressed, and you can take the EQ in and out” with the EQ switch, Andy says.”


⭐ Unit67 earned a “Premier Gear” badge! 


The real power and elegance of the Unit67 is in how seamlessly and forgivingly its component parts work together—particularly in performance and studio situations where changing backlines and room dynamics challenge what you thought you knew about your rig. In scenarios like these, where economy of effort and pedal count can make life and music-making much simpler, the Unit67 is sweet medicine.


Premier Guitar Rig Rundown with Joanne Shaw Taylor ⭐


Find out how and why Joanne uses our Vibe Machine in the latest Rig Rundown by Premier Guitar.



Right out of the gate I’ll say the Unit67 is a pretty impressive tone sculpting tool. ✨

I do think the Unit67 would make for a fantastic boost pedal for somebody wanting a fat punch through the mix type option. Another great use would be placing it front of a tube amp to add a little more character and “sparkle”, shall we say. I bet putting the Unit67 in front of your OD or muff pedal with a bit of mids and compression would sound awesome.


Gilmourish just released a stunning review of the Unit67!🎯


“Unit67 In fact is probably one of my favourite pedals, which is a huge kudos I guess as it’s been out for only a couple of months. It’s really one of those pedals you just want to leave on all the time and as  much as I’ve said that before about other pedals, this is really one you want to leave on all the time!”


Grandguitars published a stellar Unit67 review! 🌞


It is amazing that such a great sounding clean booster, together with effective tone control and such an easy-to-use studio-quality compressor, fits into such a compact pedal.


Find out who we are and what are we up to in “The Drawing Board” by Distortion LTD🌞


Find out how we started, what we did to make it work and why is the creative synergy important to make DryBell stand out in the vast sea of guitar pedals in today’s world!



Distortion LTD’s In Focus with the Unit67 ✨ 


“DryBell’s Unit67 isn’t just another pedal, it’s several pedals working with one another to provide you with the slickest tone on planet Earth!  Under the hood, the Unit67 serves up three separate circuits—a
tunable boost, a clever EQ section and a 1176-style compression circuit. Each circuit cascades into one another for maximum efficiency, with expert voicings for each.”



It’s probably the most versatile of all the Uni-Vibe type pedals out there! 🏆


“Whatever you play you’ll be getting quality liquid phasing with a twist – shimmery at the top but with a distinctive low end throb, especially at higher Depth settings, and with a speed range from a slow psychedelic swirl to a warble”


“Physically-it’s just right, tonally-it’s a Beast!” A smashing review by EffectsBay!


“One of the coolest pedals I have had the pleasure of trying out  is the analog DryBell Vibe Machine V-2, an awesome quality Uni-Vibe® pedal handmade in Croatia. The Vibe Machine packs a huge punch for its relatively small size, making it a no-brainer for anyone trying to get that illustrious “vibe” tone.”



“It’s small but mighty!” – Steve Stevens talks about the Vibe Machine! 🔥🔥🔥


Steve Stevens, the guitar hero – best known for playing alongside Billy Idol since the early ’80s have been using our Vibe Machine for quite some time and he created several cool demos about his gear..


The Vibe Machine just got a “Vintage Guitar Approved Gear” badge in the latest issue of Vintage Guitar magazine! 🔥


“The V-2 is an easy choice if you like flexibility without losing authenticity. This, along with its compact size and clear, prominent tone, make it one of the best vibe pedals out there.”


Croatian Vibes 🇭🇷

Grandguitars reviewed both of our Vibe Machines!


“Which one of the top league photocell-based Univibe is the best – that’s is a matter of taste, but both DryBell Vibe Machines deliver that typical pulsating Vibe sound and the classic vibrato in spades.” 


TOP TONE AWARD for the Vibe Machine V-2! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“I predict that vibe pedals like the DryBell V2 will represent the end of an era and the pinnacle of vintage-modern pedal tech. The external control is mind-expanding and supremely interactive. The option to go authentic with even static sound coloration adds authenticity, while the adjustable gain and impedance options add chameleon like adaptability that no other Analog vibe can offer.” 


Vibe Machine V-2 received “Gilmourish Pick” 10/10 award!



“This unit is packed with features, the smaller footprint is definitely a plus which in my opinion makes it the most versatile, lush and sweetest sounding UniVibes on the market.”




Five Star review for the Vibe Machine V-2 by!


“The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 took the world’s most versatile compact vibe and made it better thanks to the inclusion of Tap Tempo via the F-1L foot-switch and the Custom input setting for matching the V-2 to your favourite guitar.”