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There’s no shortage of great vibe units to choose from, but for our money, the DryBell Vibe Machine is the top of the heap! 🏆


“If you want to nail that Hendrix-at-Woodstock tone, adding this little beauty in your arsenal certainly can’t hurt. What it can’t help? Your nerves playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of a few hundred-thousand fans.”


DryBell nailed this tone and if you’re looking for a killer vibe tone, look no further! 🎯


“The Vibe Machine delivers a classic tone of the best Univibe but keeps the footprint small and gives you tones of tweakable options.”

Quick Hit: DryBell Vibe Machine received Premier Guitar Premier Gear badge!


“The V-1 doesn’t just serve up delightfully warm and swirly chorus and subtle-to-disorienting vibrato with the granular dimensionality vintage snobs crave, it comes incredibly close to matching the supernatural magic of an old organ’s mechanical vibrato sound. A true home run.”


The DryBell Vibe Machine V-1 most definitely belongs to the crème de la crème of Uni-Vibe inspired pedals and replicas!


“It’s exquisite both in appearance as well as sound quality, and most importantly, it absolutely nails the classic Uni-Vibe sound. In short, the original has been greatly improved upon and the competition outsmarted, all without compromising the sound.”



The Vibe Machine sounds  convincingly rich and throbby in all the right ways, putting this pedal at the top of the compact vibe heap!


“Despite being very conveniently sized, the Vibe Machine has all the functionality of the original, and then some, with knobs for depth and speed, and little switches on the front for switching between vibrato and chorus modes, and original and bright voicing.”


I have the impression that if Jimi Hendrix was alive today and played a little with this pedal, a big smile would be on his face! 🌟


“DryBell’s Croatian builders, Zvonch and Kruno, after four years of intense work have developed the Vibe Machine V-1 that really allows you to recall the classic sounds of the original Uni-Vibe and to capture all its magic.”  


The tone of the Vibe Machine is almost sensual! 🌞


“Despite all this control in a small package, what I liked most was its tone. It just sounds right. I could easily dial in just the right amount of throb which sets a great univibe apart from lesser univibes.”


Whether you want Gilmour, Hendrix or just a great sounding vibe pedal, the Vibe Machine will deliver! 


“The DryBell Vibe Machine promise to capture all the magic and lure of the classic tones with a few extras under the hood. All in a neat little box suitable for any pedal board.”


DryBell – Brand new guitar pedal company just released a first product – the smallest Vibe pedal in the world! 🌟


“This is the DryBell Vibe Machine, from Croatia. It’s one of the best sounding and the smallest vibe pedals that I have ever come across.” – Brett Kingman