Shipments to EU countries are shipped the same or next working day. You can choose from 4 different shipment options: Regular post, DHL, UPS or FedEx. Please read more info about shipping types in our Terms and Conditions.



All available shipping options can be selected in the drop-down menu above the „Buy Now“ button for the item you’re buying. DHL, UPS and FedEx require that a phone number accompany every shipment. This is to assist the carrier if there is a delivery problem. Please send us your contact phone after completed payment.

Make sure you’ve selected your desirable shipping option in the drop-down menu before you click on the “Buy Now” button.


Shipping rates for the Vibe Machine V-2/V-3 and Unit67 (up to 0.5 kg weight) defer from the shipping rates for The Engine (up to 1.0 kg weight):

Regular post (6-15 days delivery): 14.00 € FREE (0.5 kg) // 17.75 €  FREE (1.0 kg)

DHL (2-3 days delivery): 18.75 € FREE (0.5 kg) // 18.75 € FREE (1.0 kg)
UPS (2-3 days delivery): 28.50 € (0.5 kg) // 35.00 € (1.0 kg)
FedEx (2-3 days delivery): 34.50 € (0.5 kg) // 40.50 € (1.0 kg)


Companies or individuals from EU countries that can provide a valid VAT-ID will not be charged VAT. If you have a valid VAT-ID, please contact us on


If you are domestic (Croatian customer), please ask for a quote in the domestic currency via Payment via PayPal in the foreign currency for Croatian customers is not possible, only bank transfer is applicable.


Saving through combined shipping:
If you are interested in purchasing multiple items from the DryBell Web Shop, contact us on and ask for a combined shipping quote.