Module 4 – one of the most musical sounding compressor pedals I’ve ever come across! ?

The Module 4 is one of those great tools that can work as simply as you prefer or as deep as you decide to dig. I found running various sources into it, using the TONE, BLEND and PREAMP controls yielded the most enjoyable and quickest results. Most of the time, in sessions of any form… finding your tone quickly is the most valuable resource. The Module 4 works really well in that regard. I found once I found general OUTPUT, ATTACK & RELEASE settings, I could simply make small movements of the remaining controls to get what I needed. I will say the Module 4 has the most usable tone control circuit I’ve ever encountered on a compressor pedal. The PREAMP control also adds color, not just gain to your signal, so it’s very interactive with each input source. “