DryBell’s Module 4 just feels like home!

I’ve owned and used a lot of compressor pedals over the years, starting with, of course, an original Orange Squeezer and then an early MXR Dynacomp, through to some of today’s sophisticated, parallel-path, optical designs, but DryBell’s Module 4 just feels like home. It’s what I have always wanted a compressor to be and seems to have the vocabulary of compressed guitar sounds as I want to hear them. From the same box, however, I can get most of the sounds I look for in many of my other compressor pedals, too. Strong character and great versatility are not often to be found in the same product, in my experience. The guitar effects market is a highly competitive one, flooded with both big-name, volume manufacturers and smaller boutique makers, but there is always a place for innovation and quality. The meticulous attention to detail and real-world usability across DryBell’s relatively small but growing range of designs marks them out a rising star in this market sector, in my view. I look forward to seeing what they do next, but this one is a keeper, for sure.”