Module 4 & Unit67 review!

The DryBell Module 4 and the DryBell Unit67 are two successful sound refiners and both have what it takes to be “always-on pedals”. The Module 4 impresses above all with the, in a positive sense, sound-coloring vintage compression and with the tone and blend potentiometer it is also prepared for “more modern” applications. Particularly noteworthy here are the numerous switching options for bypass mode, low-end cut and the optional expander, which can minimize the slightly increased noise floor at higher preamp and tone settings. The Unit67 turns out to be an all-purpose weapon for any kind of tone shaping in front of the amp and scores above all as a transparent booster with enormous gain reserves. The active EQ section can also have a lasting effect on the sound and with the range potentiometer you also have an excellent-sounding treble booster on board. The quite simply designed compressor/limiter section is rather narrow with fixed settings for attack and release, but that doesn’t change the fact that you really don’t want to switch off the Unit67 anymore.”