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Eric Gales

Eric Gales, also known as Raw Dawg, is an American blues-rock guitarist, originally hailed as a child prodigy. As of 2019 Gales has recorded eighteen albums for major record labels and has done session and tribute work. He has also contributed vocals on several records by the Memphis rap groups Prophet Posse and Three 6 Mafia under the name Lil E.

He’s been using our Vibe Machine and here’s what he said about it:

Hey yall I can say I love the pedal. I have did a session or 2 with it and it sounds great. I love that vintage Hendrixy/Robin Trower like sound that this pedal gives me.



Jason “JJ Boogie” Reichert

Jason “JJ Boogie” Reichert is the world-touring guitarist for Grammy award-winning hip hop group Arrested Development, co-writing, producing, and mixing for the band (including two Top 10 hits in Asia). He has performed and toured with such legendary blues acts as Taj Mahal, Charles Musselwhite, Sean Costello, Tinsley Ellis and The Holmes Brothers on guitar and drums. His studio prowess is on display in the song “Don’t Front” from Eminem’s double platinum album MMLP2 Deluxe, 2015 Grammy Award winner for Best Rap Album.


JJ’s advice to aspiring musicians is to “always strive to learn, practice, experiment, and HAVE FUN!!!”

His view on the Vibe Machine:

“As a player that is heavily influenced by the inspiration and emotion of the gear I play, the Vibe Machine always gives good vibes! Rich sound from a subtle to over the top effect if needed, this little compact versatile DryBell pedal always delivers!”

Jacob Petersen

Jacob Petersen spent the first 24 years of his life in Aarhus, Denmark. Although a late start on the guitar, at the age of 17, Jacob has quickly developed a reputation as a world class guitarist/musician. A move to the US to further develop his playing has led to gigs through out the US, Canada and Europe with Curtis Salgado, Javina Magness and even a friendship with Steve Miller.
In 2005, the Salgado band toured opening for Steve Miller. Steve was so impressed with Jacob’s playing and feel on stage that he invited him to sit in at the Mandalay Casino in Las Vegas. In 2011, Jacob became an official member of The Steve Miller Band.


His view on the Vibe Machine:

I’m blown away with how inspiring The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 is to play and how versatile it is while also being super simple to use. I’ve had uni-vibe pedals on my board before but always removed them shortly after, because they’re always huge and has a limited range of use which make them inefficient and impractical on most pedal boards. Not so with the DryBell! It has a unimaginable small footprint, uses a regular 9 volts without a loss in fidelity, all the controls work in perfect harmony, and the ramp feature with the external foot switch is just icing on the cake. I also find it fantastic for funk rhythm parts, it’s so textured and juicy, while cutting through the mix no problem. I LOVE this pedal!


Update in 03/22. Vibe Machine V-3 review:

For me, this one here is the one! I like how it keeps the EQ clean and modeling the whole signal. For me, it’s a bit more “rewarding” to play. Also, the vibrato sounds better to me. For that Leslie thing it’s super cool too, especially if you have the foot switch.

Often when we hear a recording, it’s recorded in an ideal way so we hear everything right. I.e. Trower, Bridge Of Sighs. I like that on the V3 its depth is a bit more intense because to me, in a live situation, that extra depth actually helps get a fair deal closer to that tone on the record we all love, EVEN if in theory, the univibe on the original Trower track had a bit less intensity happening. In a live mix, the V3’s deeper/richer signature helps getting much closer to that real sound. You just hear it instantly and everyone will feel it.
V2 still kills, but the V3 if my favorite. Thanks for killing every time ?


Geo Evans

Geo Evans is an American rock guitarist / songwriter/founder of the rock band Race No More & has worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Toni Braxton, Brenda Russel, Rick James, Parliament Funkadelic, J-Lo, The Bus Boys, Teena Marie, The Emotions, Kenny Loggins..








He’s been using our Vibe Machine V-2 and F-1L Footswitch on his latest pedalboard created by L.A Sound Design:

Owen Barry

L.A. based guitarist Owen Barry just did a string of arena shows opening for the Who as guitarist for bassist extraordinaire Tal Wilkenfeld. He’s also performed with Jackson Browne, his original band, Purple Melon, and many others.
His view on the Vibe Machine:

“I tried and used many different Vibe pedals both live and in the studio. When I first heard the DryBell Vibe Machine I knew I’d found the one I’d settle on, search over. It just sounded right!”




You can hear Owen’s superb take on the Vibe Machine in this podcast: (starting at 38:10)

Shane Henry

Shane Henry, singer/songwriter/guitarist originally from Oklahoma City and now living in Los Angeles, began his musical journey at age 19 when he played 30 national dates on the B.B. King Festival Tour opening for B.B. King. Following the tour, Shane signed with noteworthy indie label Shanachie Records, and with fellow musicians Double Trouble (Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band), Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and producer Kevin Bowe, Shane’s album, Deliverance, was recorded and distributed in stores nation-wide.

Shane’s musical style has evolved over the years from a heavy blues-influenced style to what is now an eclectic blend of rock, soul, blues, and pop. Listeners compare his sound to Lenny Kravitz, The Black Keys, and Gary Clark Jr.

Francesco D’Andrea

Francesco is an Italian composer, arranger, songwriter and music producer for Film, TV, commercials and video games.

His works have been featured in many award winning feature films and Tv Series as background scores and TV’s promo music, including such popular TV Shows as: “The Big Bang Theory”, “House M.D.”, “Mad Men”, “Revolution”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “CSI NY”, “Family Guy”, “SouthPark”, “The Mentalist”, “Criminal Minds”, “Glee”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “Law and Order”, “The Vampire Diaries” and many more.

“I’m playing relentlessly my Vibe Machine pedal by DryBell, and its deep throb and articulate, watery sound is just incredible! The low end is preserved, unlike other vibe pedals, and works great with both humbuckers and single coils. Besides normal chorus/vibrato and bright/original switches, it has very cool trip pots to adjust volumes and other parameters, and an internal jumper to adjust and make the pedal ramp down slowly, just like a real rotating speaker. And it’s all packed in a tiny, nice enclosure that won’t take much space on your pedalboard. If you need a great vibe pedal, very tweakable and capable of many things despite it’s small foot print, check this little great guy”

Thaddeus Hogarth

Thaddeus Hogarth is an associate professor in the Guitar department at Berklee College of Music. A two-time winner of the Independent Music Award for R&B/Blues, Thaddeus has been a prominent guitar player and singer-songwriter on the music scene since 1988, when he graduated from Berklee. He leads his own group, the Thaddeus Hogarth Band, featuring David Buda on bass, Joey Scrima on drums, and David Sparr on keyboards. Thaddeus has shared the bill or stage with such legends as Tower of Power, Average White Band, Ernie Isley, James Montgomery, Fred Wesley, Eric Gales, and Johnny Winter. His work also includes collaboration with the reggae legend and Grammy nominee, Sister Carol. He has released four solo CDs, a live concert DVD, and an instructional book. Thaddeus authored and currently teaches the course Funk/Rock and R&B Guitar Soloing for, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music.

Bob Fridzema

Growing up and playing gigs all over the Netherlands Bob became an experienced player on the Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Synths and Piano – on stage and in studio’s

Bob has recorded and performed all over the world with award-winning UK band King King, Dana Fuchs (USA), Aynsley Lister (UK), Ben Poole (UK), Eric Steckl (USA), Case Mayfield (NL), John Klaver (NL), Rigby (NL), Boris van der Lek (NL), Stefan Schill (NL) – and many more.

Gwyn Ashton

Gwyn is a Welsh-Australian blues/rock guitarist and singer-songwriter.Over the years Ashton has played onstage with Mick Fleetwood, Hubert Sumlin, Marc Ford, Canned Heat and many others.

Robinson Sartorius

Robinson is German session player & songwriter

“I have been playing all kinds of boutique uni vibes for many years, and some of them were great. However, the Vibe Machine just went on my new board. The DryBell pedal sounds outstanding. Loads of mojo, yet defined and dynamic. Also its compact size and extra features like the bright switch make it extremely user friendly. Other Vibes often have a volume drop, especially in combination with drive pedals or fuzzes. Not this one!
I play a lot for TV shows etc, with in-ear monitoring. In that setting you hear every little detail, and gear has to be quite and extremely reliable. I highly recommend the Vibe Machine. It’s reliable, small, practical, and sounds the bomb. Thank you DryBell, the search is over!!!
BTW the vibrato is extra spooky…..”

Gino Matteo

Gino is an American guitarist and songwriter

“If you’re looking for a vibe pedal that perfectly mimics the old Univibe and lives in a small footprint, look no further. This is the best vibe pedal I’ve ever played. It will be on my board forever. It’s not going anywhere… And luckily, it fits on any board!”

JP Cervoni

JP Cervoni is an established session guitar player; he was born in Italy, and he has lived and worked in Los Angeles for over thirty years. As of late, he has released some interesting music and has been involved in remarkable projects, such as the reunion of The Babys, some productions with legendary drummer Simon Phillips, and a trio of music by Jimi Hendrix, with the original bass player from Buddy Miles band and Kofi Baker on drums (Ginger Baker’s son).

With my new power trio “Hendrix’s Gypsys” I perform music of Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles (myself and the drummer have been fortunate to work with both these Legendary Musicians).
The sound of a Vibe is extremely important here, I can tell you that I have tried many pedals and my search is over, your pedal does the job!! It’s compact and it has great options for fine-tuning the sound, and…WHAT A SOUND!!“.

Mick Hayes

Music carries a different meaning for each of us. We all long to hear those songs that can bring us back to the roots of true American artistry; when it was about who we are, where we’ve been, and where we were heading. The kind of music you heard from the backseat of your parents’ station wagon, full of life and originality, harkening back to its beginnings while still being fresh and new.
That’s where Mick Hayes comes in today. He melds our history, our present, and creates the future of the genre with his somehow familiar yet innovative sound influenced by styles from across America. Mick spent most of his career playing in and between Nashville, Los Angeles, and Atlanta until his love of his hometown brought him back to Western New York and the rich, gritty music culture there. He continues to perform both in front of tens of thousands and in intimate settings. His voice takes the forefront with influences from soul, blues, funk, and rock & roll while his guitar that has been under his arm since he was seven years old, is like an extension of his own voice and story.
Mick has played with countless greats, not the least of which Stevie Wonder – who after hearing Mick, asked if he would join him on stage to sing with him and add a little harmonica to Mick’s “Those 3 Words”. He has also been billed alongside great artists such as Deep Purple, the Doobie Brothers, Peter Frampton, Dickie Betts, Delbert McClinton, Robin Trower, Cheap Trick, Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Najee, Los Lonely Boys and many others.
Having been recognized by The Grammy Awards Committee in 2016 in the “Best Traditional R&B Performance” and “Best R&B Song” categories for his single, “For Realski’s,” Mick is looking forward to what the future brings.


Mick’s words about the Vibe Machine:
“Finally my Vibe search is over!!! I have spent countless dollars and hours researching boutique vibe pedals that you cannot try in music stores around the world. I found myself disappointed time and time again. On my studio recordings I have used an original Uni-Vibe I have owned for quite sometime but it’s never taken outside of those scenarios! When it came to the live shows I told myself I can live without that specific effect or better yet, avoid those songs. Since hearing the DryBell Vibe Machine I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am. When I strum a chord it just keeps pulsing/throbbing and with my semi-hollow guitar it gives me the PERFECT feedback and feel for those dramatic intro’s we guitarists love. That is something other “VIBE” pedals just didn’t do for me. I’m proud to say that my Vibe Machine is now being built on to a custom Vertex Effects system so that I have it at all gigs and for the studio too! Thanks to Zvonch and the team for being such an integral part of my tone.

Jared Scharff

Jared Scharff might not be a household name (yet), but his face is beamed into millions of homes each week via Saturday Night Live, where he has held down the guitar slot in the house band since 2007.

Nick Perri

Nick Perri is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer. He is a founding member of  Silvertide and the newly formed band Mount Holly.


“Over the years I have played countless vibe pedals, and the Drybell Vibe Machine is simply the best sounding and most pedalboard friendly you will ever come across. It’s versatile in ways many are not, and above all else it captures the warm and complex textures we have all come to know and love on our favorite records. Inspiration in a box!”

Michael Landau

Michael Landau is an American musician, engineer, and record producer. He is a prolific session musician and guitarist who has played on a large number of albums since the early 1980s with countless artists. Seeing our Vibe Machine on his pedalboard is a sign that we are on the right track.

Doyle Bramhall

Doyle is an American musician, producer, guitarist, and songwriter and is also known for his work with Eric Clapton, Roger Waters and many others. He plays left-handed, but the instrument is strung upside-down with the high E on the top. He’s been using Univibes for years so we’re proud to see our Vibe Machine on one of his pedalboards.

Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson is an American musician best known as the guitarist in the original lineup of The Time (more recently known as The Original 7ven). He is often associated with Prince, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson and many others.

Vedran Božić

Vedran is a renowned Croatian blues-rock guitarist from Zadar, Croatia. He’s playing the guitar since the 60’s and is a former member of a cult rock band “Time”.  A symbolic moment in his career was a meeting with Jimi Hendrix in Frankfurt while he was playing with his band “Wheels of Fire” in 1969.

Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known as Billy Idol’s gun-slinger guitarist.


His words about the Vibe Machine:


“Hi Zvonch, The pedal is just amazing. The custom mode sounds stunning. It’s even better then the old version….hard to believe.

Thanks, Steve”

Bruno Kovačić

Bruno Kovačić is a Croatian musician and composer.


“When I heard the DryBell Vibe for the first time it launched me back in time. I was a kid again, and this weird, bouncing sound under my fingertips, shrinking and expanding… I just loved it! Still loving it!
Thanks DryBell !”

Charlie Starr

Charlie Starr is an American musician, member of the “Blackberry Smoke”, southern rock/country rock band from Atlanta, Georgia


“I LOVE the Vibe Machine so much. It is, by far, the best sounding and most versatile vibe pedal I’ve had the experience of using. It is such a welcome addition to my gear, i use it at every show!! Thank you, DryBell !”


Jon Carin

Jon Carin is an American producer, artist and musician, best known for his association with Pink Floyd and, more specifically, its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters.

This is his view on the Vibe Machine:

“Anyone who knows their Univibes, knows it’s an incredibly difficult sound to replicate. I’ve spent a lot of time around vintage ones, and my ear is quite tuned into what I like about the best ones I’ve heard. The Vibe Machine is my favorite recreation. On top of achieving the chewy, very physical sound, it seems to keep the integrity of the instrument’s tone. All of the time & effort they put into the compact design, photocells and tweakability is evident.
I’m enjoying mine very much!.”

His view on the Unit67:

“I’m absolutely loving the Unit 67. I’m using it on my lap steel on the Us & Them Tour In Breathe, Great Gig In The Sky, Wish You Were Here, Deja Vu etc. I’m really enjoying how I can dial in the EQ, compression & boost in one place. Wonderful for slide.”

His thoughts about the Module 4

“I think I may use compression in a very different way from how I believe most people do.

Maybe I’m wrong.
I like lots of it, but not on the attack.
The most important qualities I listen for are…
1) the integrity of the signal
2) a lack of makeup ramp
3) the signal seems to get much bigger rather than sounding squashed
4) versatility-I use a wide range of instruments, so it has to have a lot of adaptability & tweakability
5)personality-I don’t want transparency, I like it to have grab and its own sound
DryBell’s Module 4 is all of those things and more.
Yes, it can do Orange Squeezer brilliantly, but so much in addition.
I highly recommend it.
I really love this pedal.
I’ll definitely be using it on our upcoming European tour.”


Vlatko Ćavar – Brada

Brada is a Croatian rock’n’roll guitar player, member of a “Psihomodo Pop” rock band. He’s been playing the guitar his whole life and beside playing, he’s enjoying winding his own guitar pickups. He is one of the first Vibe Machine users.


Michael Landau
Doyle Bramhall II – Eric Clapton, Roger Waters
Jon Carin –  David Gilmour, Roger Waters
John Mayer
Steve Stevens – Billy Idol
Joe Satriani
Joe Perry – Aerosmith
Brad Whitford – Aerosmith
Eric Gales
Richard Fortus – Guns N’ Roses
Rex Brown – Pantera
Charlie Starr – Blackberry Smoke
Joey Landreth
Jacob Petersen – The Steve Miller Band
Owen Barry – Tal Wilkenfeld
Mick Hayes
Gwyn Ashton
Jesse Johnson – The Time
Vedran Božić – Time
Vlatko Ćavar – Brada – Psihomodo Pop
Miro Lesić
Bruno Kovačić
Nebojša Antonijević-Anton-Partibrejkers
Scott Martinez – Alice Sweet Alice
JP Cervoni – The Babys
Gino Matteo – Bennett Matteo Band
Nick Perri – Silvertide
Geo Evan Geo – Race No More
Robinson Sartorius
Shane Henry
Francesco D’Andrea
Bob Fridzema – King King
Thaddeus Hogarth 
Jason “JJ Boogie” Reichert – Arrested Development
Jared Scharff – SNL