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Module 4 reviews

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about other people’s experiences with something you’ve put so much of your energy and love into it.
Good or bad, we love them all, so if you’re tried the new Module 4, please give us your honest feedback. Thank you!


American producer, artist and musician, best known for his association with Pink Floyd and, more specifically, its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters.


I think I may use compression in a very different way from how I believe most people do. Maybe I’m wrong. I like lots of it, but not on the attack.
The most important qualities I listen for are…

1) the integrity of the signal
2) a lack of makeup ramp
3) the signal seems to get much bigger rather than sounding squashed
4) versatility-I use a wide range of instruments, so it has to have a lot of adaptability & tweakability
5)personality-I don’t want transparency, I like it to have grab and its own sound

DryBell’s Module 4 is all of those things and more.

Yes, it can do Orange Squeezer brilliantly, but so much in addition.
I highly recommend it.
I really love this pedal.
I’ll definitely be using it on our upcoming European tour.



San Pedro CA, USA

“The Unit67 has been my (almost) always on, ALWAYS make everything sound better secret weapon for the last few years. Then I got a Module 4… I’ve never found a compressor that I could truly get along with until the Unit67- and I like the Module 4 even better. How can it be this good???

The Module 4 provides the perfect clean tone. It also sweetens an already great overdriven tone into excellence, without any drawbacks that conventional compressors might add. You still have touch sensitivity, you still have dynamics. What you don’t have is noise.

I’m using the Module 4 into Unit67 into side A of The Engine and my tone has never been better.”

Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA, Guitar player

Well the first part of my feedback should be obvious; it’s great to not have to worry about what instruments I can or can’t plug my original Dan Armstrong Orange Squeeze into, especially since my main instrument these days is a Strat!! But all kidding aside, I absolutely love the Module 4. It’s got everything I really liked about my Orange Squeezer and a whole lot more!

The biggest thing for me is that the Module 4 can provide me that big round warm Orange Squeeze compression and it just sounds so accurate! Or it can be quickly switched to FFR (still getting the hang of the push and hold by-pass control features) and change the whole vibe of the pedal.

And I gotta say that the killer modern compressor tones are just as fantastic. Being someone whose always used Compressors first in my signal chain, the Module 4 just works perfectly with my rig. I’ve gotta say that the pedal was really really well thought out too. I especially love how I can use it to boost single coil output while removing extraneous noise yet get such beautiful note sustain. And the FFR side of the pedal provides that more modern sparkling clean compression. It really is two Compressors in one unique (and cool) enclosure. I could go on but I think the easiest thing to say is “Well Done”…..and I LOVE it!!!

Cheers from your biggest DryBell fan in Sonoma, CA 🙂 ”



Remscheid, Germany


I’m not familiar with the Orange Squeezer, I never had the chance to try one – until now, in a way, because the Module 4 is a beautiful and incredibly versatile take on that, and I have to say that I loved it straight away. It’s a pure joy to play with, and the additional features take the original to a whole new level. The playing feel is very nice and the sound is absolutely stunning. It’s also very tweakable, from subtle compression to heavy squash, it’s all in there. And, of course, it has a lot of character. It’s a brilliant design, all the extra controls make perfect sense. So far, I’ve used it for recording guitar and bass and the results are simply amazing, it sounds gorgeous.
I’m certainly going to try it with other sources as well.
The Module 4 is definitely one of the best compressor pedals available – if not the best!


Chicago, IL


Just writing to say my tele made a new friend 🙂
Every time I see that orange button light up I get excited to play. Thanks for another great design!”


I picked up my module 4 from my dealer today and I wanted to congratulate you and thank you! I’ve been using and testing a lot of effects for 15 years, so I’ve been able to test bad, good and very good effects, but your Module 4 is the highest quality effect I’ve tried! !! Everything is musical, velvety and pleasant. Your design is extremely well thought out and the great precision of your explanations on your site shows that you love sound and a job well done!
A big thank you to your whole team!”


Pennsylvania, USA
I want you to know how delighted I’ve been with my new Module 4! It has been a real pleasure to use over the past month. Works great in front of an Ampeg PF50-T! It’s a joy with electric bass, giving me a compression *feel* I’ve been hunting for. Its many refinements are evident. As I compare it with other pedal compressors, it out-performs many of them. Like with your Unit67, even more so I’d wager, some keen, trained ears blessed this project. The Module 4 does more of what I wanted from the Unit67 on bass. Its single tone knob beats twisting Low, High, and Range. Its feature set is terrific. If I were adding a single feature to it for bass… maybe a variable LPF? However, the team picked a very nice feature set as-is! Sincere thanks. My fiancé also appreciates the leather keychain for her newly acquired key. Best wishes for the DryBell team!

The Engine reviews

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about other people’s experiences with something you’ve put so much of your energy and love into it.
Good or bad, we love them all, so if you’re tried The Engine, please give us your honest feedback. Thank you!

Norway, Guitar player

“One word: AMAZING!!!!!!! ?

I’m done with 3 hours of pretty loud guitar here.

Going through a Victory V100 and a Cornford MK50.
It sound so insanely close to Hendrix with my Pinehome strat with Wizz pickups, that i had to take a break to rethink my life ?
Both the Vibe and Engine is doing these tones better than anything i’ve tried before. And i have played since 1987. I have had multiple Marshalls, Mesa, Vox, Fender, Bogner, CAA, Peavey, Brunetti, Carvin, rack stuff, digital amps, modeling (Axe-Fx II) and played a lot of other amps. The Engine is closer to that early british tones that i want, than any of them.
Bright and punchy in the right way. (No ice pick)

The Vibe Machine V-3 is instant Woodstock and kills every vibe i have had and tried.

So thanks to the one who has tuned these pedals.
And a big thanks to you Martina, for the fantastic service. I wish you all the best.”
Napa CA, USA, Guitar player

I received The Engine and have been working with it a lot; I really love it! I have been looking for the characteristics of this pedal for a very long time. I love how conscientiously it is voiced, the different voltages for the different sections, the buffer at the back end… It is so touch sensitive and musical that I have difficulty stopping playing!
So it has replaced four other pedals on my board, all of which were trying to add up to what The Engine does by itself. I am very happy and am telling everyone who asks about this gem.

Portsmouth,UK, Guitar player

I bought The Engine from WD Music as soon as they had them in stock. It sounds better than I thought. I keep thinking about the Premier guitar review and the words they used, big burly distortion. It is. It makes my clean Blackface style amp sound like a raging Marshall stack!  It has a very rich, harmonic laden sound. It’s a really dynamic pedal too with excellent clean up, very touch sensitive too.  Thank you all so much!  Also you were right, hitting it with my Unit67 gives an amazing sustaining bloom to the notes, slipping into feedback easily. Even at living room levels. It’s going to be a few weeks before I can get it out to rehearse due to covid. But I can’t wait. Thanks again and stay safe!
Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Guitar player

There are few overdrives that can boast the tone AND dynamics of a cranked NMV amp. Usually they are too buzzy or too compressed, and fail to recreate the “amp-y” character of an actual… amp. My measure is that it should have enough midrange harmonics for some sustain and a thicker tone, but also be able to knock you unconscious if you dig into the strings with the pick. That punch is the key to old-school amps and cutting through the mix. Perhaps most important, the tone should be clear and transparent enough to allow the tone of the guitar, pickups and player to shine through. Subtle changes in playing should be front-and-center. Finally, you should hear the amp’s artifacts in the bass and midrange. This isn’t a hi-fi after all!

The Engine is far more than an overdrive or distortion box, and more even than the popular amp-in-a-box products that are becoming ever more popular. The amplifier section is designed to deliver the NMV tone without messing around. Instead of amp-like tone and presence controls, it has a couple of simple controls that allow the player to tune the built-in tone and response to the amplifier used with The Engine. This is great, as it makes setup fast and easy so you can get to the playing part. There is some ability to alter the tone, but it’s always in a sweet-spot, no matter how you set it. When clicking The Engine on, it immediately imparts the NMV goodness that it was designed for. A quick sweep of the shape (overall character) and tone (high-cut) knobs and you’re ready to go. Next is GAIN. I had expected this control to want to be in the noon-to-one position that most products seem to be designed for. I started there, and the tone IS fantastic. But I must admit that it was too much gain. I was looking for pure organic dynamics. Just a touch of anger from the circuit. So I swept the gain control from 0 to max. Playing at various points along the dial, the real magic is in the lower settings, where you just get some sparkle with picking and light strumming, and a bit of breakup when you dig in. Sure enough, this is exactly what you find around 10 o’clock on the gain control. If they had set up the pedal there and had no gain knob, it would be worth the price of admission. This is the real-deal, a pedal that sounds and feels like a classic amp. Crisp but not harsh, clear, but with some juicy goodness. Dialing the simple tone controls can even get you the buzzy/boomy lows that are a characteristic of loud lower-gain amps and a mainstay of many styles of music

Turning up the gain gives ever-more breakup, but retains the clarity. No need for an additional boost if you have a particular tone in mind. All the way up, The Engine gets well into JCM800 gain territory, but with the same NMV clarity, though a bit more compression. This would be like boosting a cranked NMV amp, all without touching the rangemaster boost switch.

Oh, did I mention the rangemaster? I was introduced to this function via the Unit 67, my first DryBell purchase. If you don’t own that pedal, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. In any case, the rangemaster was added to The Engine as well. I had actually never understood the concept of a treble boost, but now I rely on it. Typical boosts focus the midrange to tighten the tone of high gain amps, but sacrifice some highs as well. The treble boost brightens and tightens the amp, or in this case the Engine’s drive section, giving any combination of additional harmonics plus more cut-through, plus more volume. It’s perfect for whatever subtle or not-so-subtle change you want to make to your rhythm or lead tone. Controls include bass and treble, as well as a range control that sets the low-cut frequency. Finally there is a volume control that is the reason for the season. This gives a lot of tuning range for getting just the right effect to work with your playing. The range and volume knobs are large enough that you can adjust on stage and get even more flexibility.

How do the gain and boost sections work together? With low gains, the treble boost can move your tone from light breakup and sustain to a bit more lively, singing tone, or add some extra harmonics for a bit more “I really meant it!” breakup. With a little more gain on the drive, the treble boost gives you a heavier alternative rhythm tone without the need for YET ANOTHER pedal, or more cut and sustain for leads. At full-bore gain, the boost works its magic by returning some clarity, and also allows for some truly high-gain madness. In all, this pedal has more gain that I would expect, and likely more than I would use. But it’s not overdone. It’s got a great balance of tunable gain from almost none to plenty, which will make a lot of different players happy. There is also the ability to run the range boost AFTER the drive section, much as another notable product allows. This is a great option for strong lead-boosts, and can be switched from the front panel to allow for swapping the order on-the-fly.

With the great tone of The Engine, along with the ability to easily and quickly tune it to any amplifier, I am confident that my pedalboard would sound great with any backline amplifier, which will significantly improve my performances.

Finally, quality is high with the DryBell products. Everything from packaging to the case and components to the tone are first-class. I have also been very happy with DryBell’s customer service. They are very responsive. I’m quite happy with The Engine, and especially thrilled that I can get this tone without the storage headache, back problems and hearing loss that an amp without a master volume would entail. My pedal board starts with a Unit 67 and The Engine, and the rest is icing.”
Heinersreuth, Germany, Guitar player

The Engine is the best “Marshall Plexi” type of pedal that I‘ve ever played! The boost function is also great. You have created a very good pedal. Very dynamic. It clears off when you roll down the volume pot of your guitar and it is amazing when you have the full power of the Plexi. It’s a wall of sound.

Melbourne , Australia, Guitar player

I have been a blues/rock guitarist for 40 years and have played through more overdrive pedals than you’ve had hot dinners! It takes something truly exceptional to get me excited about yet another OD…and the talented creative geniuses at DryBell have done just that!
I first became aware of The Engine via some excellent YouTube videos from Andy Martin and Pete Thorn, both of whom I’d had the pleasure of meeting at GuitCon 2018, a YouTuber convention in Bavaria, Germany. These guys know great tone…and watching their videos, they clearly enjoyed the rich, touch-responsive and downright savage Marshall-esque tones of The Engine. I placed my order straight away…and only 10 days later the pedal arrived safely all the way from Croatia to Melbourne, Australia!
My rig includes a Gibson Custom Shop R8, PRS 594, Framus Phil X XG, Fender CS ’51 Nocaster. The effects chain includes a Fulltone Clyde wah, UME effects OverUnity dual stage overdrive, DryBell ‘The Engine”, Strymon El Capistan. Amps include a Milkman Creamer (fitted with 6L6 power tubes), Two Rock Crystal 22 watt combo (6V6 tubes), Dr Z EZG-50 combo (6L6 tubes).
The Engine is loaded with authentic touch-sensitive vintage Marshall tones with plenty of tonal sculpting options via the “tone” and “shape” controls on Side “A”. There’s ample midrange content to cut through a loud band mix. The overdrive cleans up beautifully with just a twist of the guitar’s volume knob. It’s the ultimate “set ‘n forget” OD…dirt simple but devastatingly effective!
Side ”B” is the secret weapon…it features a super-powerful treble booster modelled on the legendary “Rangemaster”, used by such guitar luminaries like Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher and Brian May. Used on its own, or run into the “A” side, this powerful boost yields a thrusting compelling lead tone that drives my guitars into effortless sustain and musical feedback. The active “high” and “low” eq controls on Side “B” allow fine-tuning of the treble booster effect.
We’ve been in lockdown for the past 3 months…but that hasn’t stopped me making some serious noise with my guitars & amps. I cannot wait to use my DryBell The Engine as the foundation of my live guitar tone once it’s safe to return to gigging. My guitars have never sounded better! Thanks so much to all of the wonderful folks at DryBell for creating a truly unique, professional quality dual OD/treble booster!

Mönichwald, Austria, Guitar player

The Engine is an excellent pedal! A side, a British type tone, cuts through the mix really well without the need to play on maximum volume. The B side is a booster which adds transparency to the whole sound. Well done and compliments to the whole team!


Pagosa Springs, CO, USA, Guitar player

I have had my DryBell “The Engine” for about 3 weeks now and just love the pedal. I keep the RangeMaster side on all night when I play out and the Plexi side for lead work and Marshall flavored riffs. It’s basically a two for one. Two great pedals in one small platform. I play classic rock, blues and country. I used to small Friedman amps in stereo. Over all it’s killer pedal in a killer combination. One a sidenote, this is the quietest range master style pedal ever and does it well.

Fort Collins, CO, USA, Guitar player

I am married to Fender Blackface amps and, despite courting other brands over the years, I always come back to my Super Reverb. I’ve sampled and played many overdrive and boost pedals in my pursuit for those legendary Marshall Plexi overdrive tones but it has proven elusive. Lots of great products, but something was always missing to my ears. I picked up a Vibe Machine and was immediately blown away so I knew The Engine was going to be something special. DryBell did not disappoint – The Engine is spectacular. I am new to treble boosters but my eyes..err….ears are now wide open. This side of the Engine is a very flexible boost and, with the Range control cranked, pushes my Super Reverb beautifully. The overdrive channel is great too, covering a wide drive range and the tone / shape controls allows me to keep that spectacular overdrive tone when switching between single coils and humbuckers. The real magic is stacking the two channels. Pure bliss.
Jyväskylä, Finland, Guitar player

Well, The Engine makes a good amplifier sound even better, and a bad amplifier sound useful, or even good. With Fender Tweed Deluxe cranked to it’s sweet spot, the Rangemaster side of The Engine works great as a booster; color adjustments allow me to fine-tune the solo/boosted sound just right. At low volumes, when the sound is clean, the pre-amp side of the Engine handles the desired kind of hair very well. They say it’s designed according to a British single-channel amplifier, but I still get my American Tweed Deluxe sound just like Tweed Deluxe, now also at bedroom volumes, without the attenuator. There are very useful tone controls at both sides of The Engine. It really can be a ”foundation” of a pedal board.
Canada, Guitar player

The Engine is quite impressive. While other Marshall in a box pedals sound great, they still sound like pedals, and don’t recreate the dirty-mids presency tone of the Plexis to my ears. The Engine really makes the amplifier sound and feel like a Marshall, really dynamic.
And the gain range is wider than expected. It goes from a gentle JTM45 to a modded JCM800, especially with the boost side engaged. I use it with my Mesa Boogie Lonestar clean channel (kind of Blackface-like) whenever I need a British sound. The controls are so powerful that you need to tweak it a lot before getting the sound in your head, but every other sound found along the way will be good and usable! I’m so impressed that the week after receiving it I order the Unit67 with great expectations, I’m already a DryBell’s fan.

Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA, Guitar player

The Engine” is a spectacular marriage of tones that is THE perfect compliment to my Tone King Imperial MK II and all my Blackface Fender amps. I love how the RM side integrates so well with my amps (it’s an “always on” side for me)…..and then hitting the Plexi side (I use mine just like Greg Milioto does) for my lead work. But with such versatility, I can use my Tone King’s Lead Channel with the Engines RM side off….then hit the RM side and get an explosion of tone that I hadn’t been able to get without using a “stand alone” Rangemaster type pedal with far less tweakability. With The Engine, I now have the perfect 4 channel club amp!

Look…..I loved what you have been doing ever since I bought your V1 version of the Vibe Machine which seems so long ago (and yes…I have a v2 Vibe Machine now). Then I thought your Unit 67 was just such a beautiful foray into the Compressor/Eq world. But with The Engine, I now have 3 incredibly built, gorgeous sounding pedals that have kicked everything else I was using to the curb (save for my Tape Delay). Thank you for making such an authentic sounding, multi-functioning pedal that a working musician that plays rock, country and blues can afford, appreciate and enjoy so much!”
Canonsburg, PA, US, Guitar player

I received my The Engine pedal yesterday and it is wonderful. I love the wide variety of tones that are available. The shape and range knobs are especially useful. And combing the boost with the overdrive is just amazing.. I also love the boost by itself. I’ve tried many boost pedals before, but the boost side of this pedal provides so many tonal options and really helps create a tone that cuts through. I can see where this is likely to become one of my favorite pedals Thank you and everyone at DryBell!!!!



Vibe Machine reviews

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about other people’s experiences with something you’ve put so much of your energy and love into it.
Our customers are really important to us and we genuinely appreciate their opinion.
In this section you can find out what are their impressions about our newest Vibe Machine.
Thanks to all the customers who have purchased it!



McKinney, TX USA

I just got your V3 version of the Vibe Machine and I puzzle as to why I have wasted my time using and trying several others. This is the GOAT! And your optional trim pots just put this unit further over the top from others. Whatever one feels or wishes the DryBell Vibe had, is easily adjusted in these pots. You had me at being able to adjust the impedance much less the other tweaks! I’ve had a few name Vibes in my day including an original Shin-ei many ages ago. Pretty much a moody, noisy, crap fest of a pedal with a terrible buffer and impedance. How in the world Hendrix and Trower were able to use it to such epic heights is a marvel to their genius. I’ve long been a fan of the analog photocell circuit vibe with an utter rejection of various digital renderings that just cannot produce the organic feel and tone of the photocell circuit. Your rendering of this pedal is just by far the best, and your array of options just really puts it even way more out in front, much less your price on this puppy is much less than many of the sought after rare birds out there. I mean $500 for a Vibe that is not as good as the Vibe Machine at $300 is extraordinary! DryBell is the king of the Vibe!
Many thanks and wish you continued success!” – Paul Angle (ancient of age guitarist and avid great gear user)



San Pedro CA, USA

I received the V-3 a few hours ago and have been playing it since- it’s awesome!! I used to have a V-1, still own a V-2- but this one might be my favorite yet. REALLY squishy feeling and delicious tone. You guys are the best. Hvala vam puno!


Norway, Guitar player

One word: AMAZING!!!!!!! ?

I’m done with 3 hours of pretty loud guitar here. 

Going through a Victory V100 and a Cornford MK50.
It sound so insanely close to Hendrix with my Pinehome strat with Wizz pickups, that i had to take a break to rethink my life ?
Both the Vibe and Engine is doing these tones better than anything i’ve tried before. And i have played since 1987.

I have had multiple Marshalls, Mesa, Vox, Fender, Bogner, CAA, Peavey, Brunetti, Carvin, rack stuff, digital amps, modeling (Axe-Fx II) and played a lot of other amps.

The Engine is closer to that early british tones that i want, than any of them.
Bright and punchy in the right way. (No ice pick)

The Vibe Machine V-3 is instant Woodstock and kills every vibe i have had and tried.

So thanks to the one who has tuned these pedals.
And a big thanks to you Martina, for the fantastic service. I wish you all the best.



When you create something, you would like to hear someone’s opinion about your creation. Our customers are really important to us so we e-mailed them about their valuable opinion. In this section you can find out what are their impressions about our newest Vibe Machine. Thanks to all customers who have purchased the V-2!
Los Angeles, CA
“Hi Zvonch,
The pedal is just amazing. The custom mode sounds stunning. It’s even better then the old version….hard to believe.
Thanks, Steve”
nick_perriNICK PERRI,
CA, USA, guitar player (Silvertide, Mount Holly)

“Over the years I have played countless vibe pedals, and the Drybell Vibe Machine is simply the best sounding and most pedalboard friendly you will ever come across. It’s versatile in ways many are not, and above all else it captures the warm and complex textures we have all come to know and love on our favorite records. Inspiration in a box!”
Florida, United States, singer-songwriter-guitarist, record producer, painter and guitar maker

The DryBell V-2 is the most lush, dynamic, and psychedelic sounding Univibe pedal I have ever heard or played….and the unbelievably compact size makes it essential for touring. Perfection!”


daniel_greenDANIEL GREEN,
Rolla, United States, guitar player
“I love it. I have been recommending it to anyone looking for a vibe pedal since I got it. To put it in perspective, if I get another vibe for a second board, you’re the first company I’ll look toward. Thanks for reaching out! Daniel”
mario_jakovljevicMARIO JAKOVLJEVIC,
Karlovac, Croatia, guitar player
“What can I say, great work! 🙂 I was using V-1 since 2012 and I was always under impression that this thing cannot be any better, but I was clearly wrong. V-2 is a phenomenal pedal, almost an instrument on its own. First and foremost, the packaging is done really well and it is somewhat expected with such a hi-end product. The sound I’m getting in conjunction with the F-1L Footswitch is so great that I don’t want to turn it off 🙂 In comparison with the V-1, V-2 have a bit more pronounced “low end” and with the Chorus adjustment, you can get that rich fluid sound that everybody is looking for in Univibe pedal and it is especially great while playing with my band. In my personal opinion, you can get any better than this in the Vibe world and I’m eagerly awaiting for your next product!”
eric_johnsonERIC JOHNSON,
Eau Claire, United Stated, guitar player
“Thank you for your email checking in on how I’ve received the Vibe Machine 2. I managed to get serial number 6 which is definitely the lowest serial number I’ve ever had with a pedal. I am proud to say that this pedal will never be sold. It has been an inspiration to use and I couldn’t be happier with its sound and flexibility. I use the vibrato channel more often than I thought I would, very great sounds in that mode. Life has been way too busy for my liking the last 2 months since I received the pedal. I always had the intention of writing back to let you know I am a satisfied customer! Thanks to everyone at DryBell for a great product!”
Stockton-on-Tees, UK, guitar player
“The V2 is stunning – I’m absolutely blown away with it. I’ve never really been a big fan of using modulation effects and actually this is pretty much the only one I own now, but it will be staying on the board indefinitely. It’s one of those pedals, and there are only a few, that matches that perfect sound in our head that we’re constantly search for, and with all the options for tweaking it goes further than that. I have a long holiday now and the V2 will be occupying a lot of it! I will be watching closely for anything else you guys might have planned for the future!”
dustin_babitzkeDUSTIN BABITZKE,
Lenexa, United States, Guitarist for Experience the Moment
“Having both a DryBell Vibe Machine V-1 and an original Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe, I have been blessed. I would use the Uni-Vibe in studio and then the DryBell on the road to save room on my pedal board. But I couldn’t replace the Uni-Vibe completely, there was a magic between it and my Strat that just couldn’t be beat. But then a few months ago, the DryBell Vibe Machine V2 showed up at my door. I was skeptical at how much better it could possibly be than the V-1. Not being a man who reads instruction manuals, I ripped open the box and plugged her in right next to my V-1. At first glance they both sounded darn near the same. The bright seemed just a tad brighter and there was no noise at all coming out of the v2, but other than that the units were very similar.At first I was a little disappointed. Wondering why the heck I had shelled out the money for V-2. I finally turned to the manual and started reading. I had never really messed with little trimpots on the sides of pedals. I always figured I’d mess something up. But the trimpots on this seemed really easy to use with the included tool so I figured before I send this back I should try the pots. Within 5 minutes I have never been so happy I read an instruction manual in my entire life. Setting up the cancel feature for my expression pedal, the Leslie style ramping, and changing the custom input buffer just a little down and boosting the gain slightly, I managed to create a sound more beautiful than anything I ever made with my Uni-Vibe. Not only that, switching to the custom setting and moving the intensity knob down to near 12 o’clock. I was able to dial in the exact sound I was using the Uni-Vibe for. Not a close approximation, I mean the exact sound. After inviting a few friends over to compare and make sure I wasn’t crazy, the Uni-vibe was listed on reverb and sold and my V2 was paid off with over a 1000.00 extra dollars to spare.It’s been over a month now and I still have no regrets. I’ve been able to coax new sounds out of my box every day. The vibrato setting is getting more play than the chorus for my rock gigs as the interaction of the Vibe with a fuzz stacked right after is an amazing thing. You’ve never heard a Pelitaur sing until you’ve heard it through a V-2. There is only one certainty, there is no reason to ever shut this off. If you have your settings right, rocking your expression pedal back near heel position can give you a sweet subtle movement to your cleans and an amazing sustain to your dirt. Moving up to the toe position just gives you more of that sweet, sweet warble that everyone loves. There just isn’t a single negative thing I can say about how amazing this beast is.
For me there is no doubt in my mind this is the greatest Vibe unit ever produced. I’ve played dozens and I’ve never found something so powerful that it could pull off the original voicing and add a ton of other sounds on top until now. What the good folks in Croatia at DryBell have done is truly fantastic. For anyone on the fence, jump off now. You won’t have any regrets, I promise.Just don’t be like me, read the manual first, then go play :)”
Jyväskylä, Finland, guitar player
“My VMv2 arrived today. And I couldn’t be more happier!!! It’s everything you and all the clips on the internet have promised!! I placed it on my pedalboard and straight out from the box it gets on so well along with my fuzz and od and all the other pedals. Very musical and organic; gentle but dangerous, chewy but sweet, and all that tweakability makes it outstanding!!! I haven’t had much time to play with that F-1L pedal, but this short study has convinced me that VMv2 absolutely is a keeper for life, and my search of a perfect univibe has ended. Amazing job!!! It’s worth much more than every kuna I paid!! Thank You very, very much!! And all the five thumbs up!”
damir_marcecDAMIR MARCEC,
Zagreb, Croatia, guitar player
“After the great success of the Vibe Machine V-1, DryBell took a challenge to enhance already superb piece of work and succeeded on it. Vibe Machine V-2, sonically and functionally is the best pedal in its own class on today’s market. Their supreme professionalism and great enthusiasm resulted in such a high-end product. Do I have to mention that I’m the proud owner of another VM V-1? 🙂 DryBell team, keep up the good work!”
dionisio_mauroDIONISIO MAURO,
New York, United States, lead guitar
“Buckle up ’cause DryBell’s new Vibe Machine V-2 will launch you into an atmosphere of pure PURPLE HAZE!!! This pedal not only sounds and looks great, but has new features on it that would easily justify adding another $200 (US) to its price tag. Don’t even get me started about all the extra features on board this little miracle. Each one easily adjustable & just as easy to return to factory settings. Sounds WAY better than the original Uni-vibe Hendrix used (but can duplicate his sound with a flick of a switch… and presto, you’re back to the summer of ’68.
Adds 0% noise to your signal (as if the above mentioned wasn’t already enough). As a professional musician in New York and a vintage effects pedal connoisseur, the Vibe Machine V-2 is hands down not only the best vibe pedal out there, it may just be the most impressive effects pedal ever built. I know that’s saying a lot, but I stand by my review. I can just imagine what this company could do if it started manufacturing other types of effects – my entire pedal board would be a tribute to DryBell… …and no one else. Do yourselves a favor and get one of these, you will not be disappointed.
P.S. When I played my 15 string bass through the Vibe machine and some echo, it sounded like the gates of hell were opening.”
Yarmouth, Maine, United States, guitar player

“I received the pedal right on time and in perfect working order. I had been watching all your videos in the days leading up to its arrival so, when I finally got to plug in and play, it felt like an old friend already.
I set it up with the F-1L footswitch to switch between speeds and have the ramping set for a 5 second change…it found a nice place on my board and I used it in rehearsal with my trio BIG WORLD today. I have been playing for 40 years and in the past have owned many other vibe pedals and, from the first moments, it’s easy to hear that the Vibe Machine V-2 stands head and shoulders above all of them…
There is an aliveness and detail to the sound that other pedals tend to lose… The controls are sensitive and there are useable sounds available at every setting… I haven’t felt the need to adjust any of the trim pots but like the fact that they are there if tweaking is needed.
All in all I am very impressed with the pedal and happy about my purchase… the price reflects the quality and care that is so clearly built into the pedal.
I give the DryBell Vibe Machine 5 out of 5 stars !
Great Job to everyone at DryBell !”
chance_mccollCHANCE MCCOLL,
Atlanta, United States,
guitar player, The Pinx
“It’s phenomenal. I’ve owned so many Univibe type pedals and yours is far and away the best”


British musician, artist and songwriter,
“The best sounding vibe pedal out there! The team at DryBell clearly understand what performers demand from their gear.
After searching for the ultimate sounding Uni-Vibe pedal for many years, The DryBell V2 does everything I need and is the most amazing and authentic vibe I’ve heard.”
gianluca_quartulliGIANLUCA QUARTULLI,
Bari, Italy, guitar player and producer
“I’m a V-1 owner, so first of all: “Why I decided to upgrade?” I was very impressed by the sound of the Vibe Machine V-1 and completely satisfied with how it works out of the box. I bought it in August 2016 and since then I’ve used to play it mainly at 2 different speed that, when live, I had to change on the go. One extremely slow and the other at 1 or 2 o’clock (max). So when I had seen the video demonstrating how the external footswitch works, I decided that such options, for me are worth the upgrade to V-2.
To set the footswitch to work as I desire was super-easy. For sure easier to be done than to be read in the manual. So in about 2 min I had the “perfect vibe” with the options I needed.
But there’s more that I found out when I received the new pedal. I don’t like to tweak internal jumpers, but I gave the new “GRIT” a try now that it is on the side. I just turned it a little CCW to get the presence that best fits my chain and…ok, now it is the “perfect vibe for my gear”, Amazing!”
McMurray, United States, guitar player
“Hi Martina,
I had a chance to try out my new Vibe Machine V-2 and it is absolutely wonderful. It is the seventh vibe pedal that I have owned. I keep trying new ones because I’m never quite happy with them. Well, I believe my search is over. As soon as I turned the Vibe Machine on and played it for a minute or two, I knew that it was exactly what I have been looking for. It really sounds beautiful in so many ways, and I haven’t even tried adjusting any of the trimmers yet.
Please tell everyone on the DryBell team that I said THANK YOU for this wonderful pedal!!
Eric Raphael”
Rochester, United States, guitar player
Psycho Moon Project

“This is, by far, the best Uni-vibe clone I have played. Slow speed, high speed, clean or dirty, this one does it all. I find myself jamming with it ‘on’ more than with it ‘off’!
Hats off to the DryBell team for making such a great pedal. My search is finally over for the best Uni-vibe on the market!”
Recycled Pedalboards, Mohawk, United States, guitar player

“The Vibe Machine is the real deal! It’s compact, it’s versatile, and it’s a tone machine. The Vibe Machine has that vintage feel that you look for in a Univibe pedal.”
craig_sexsmithCRAIG SEXSMITH,
Vancouver, Canada, guitar player
“It’s an honour to get an e-mail from you, thank you. You guys have such a great company and top notch customer service. I bought the v-1 Vibe Machine last year and convinced a friend to buy one also. I thought the v-1 was great and used it for daily practice and home recordings. I also used an expression pedal with it. When I saw your ads for the v-2 I was excited and knew I had to buy one. The voicing on it seems to have more presence than the v-1 and sounds better with dirt (at least on my set up…orange or15 head and 1×12 cab). The vibrato setting is more transparent or just less intensity which is nice. I have been having such a great time with it that I haven’t had a chance to explore all the footswitch options. Just plugged in the expression pedal and began playing. I also have not explored the new chorus and grit trim switches as it sounds great as it is…So overall I am very stoked on the pedal and happy to own it. Best of luck with your company and thanks for the great pedal.”
sterling_soundSTERLING SOUND,
from the Netherlands
“Hi Zvonch, Thanks I am still very happy with the pedal.. it is a well built device and works perfectly with my other pedals. I still have not tried all the options but the standard settings work great for me. Well done and good luck in the future!”
kelly_spradleyKELLY SPRADLEY,
Kapolei, United States, guitar player, Kelly’s VM demo
“Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my V-2 today. I’ve tried a lot of different vibes but this new model is the best out there. It’s hard to top the V-1 but you guys did it. This thing cuts thru the mix and sounds amazing. Thank you ever so kindly for a super vibe pedal. Kelly
South Yarra, Australia, guitar player
It is super juicy and warm. Incredible oozes when I play it. It’s definitely in the ‘always on’ category if I feel like it.
Love your work. And thank you. Lots of emotions in this pedal.”
Taylors, United States, guitar player
“Hi Zvonch, as a long time user of the V1, I really like the V2. Seems to have a better tone on top of all the other new improvements. It took me a while to understand the speed ramp-up settings, but finally got it. The only thing I would want different is a light on the external switch.. Thank you! Mark”
Koprivnica, Croatia, guitar player

“I always liked that Hendrix sound. I never got near of it until I’ve tried the Vibe Machine.
It is the ultimate Hendrix sound, and I use it on everything, it just adds that 2nd dimension whether you use it with jazz, blues or metal.Now I can’t live without it anymore. It’s “on” most of the time, with softer or harder intensity.I can’t wait to see what you guys will launch next!”
mark_williamsMARK WILLIAMS,
Ballwin, United States, guitar player
“Hello Zvonch, My Vibe Machine arrived Friday just before I was leaving for work and I had a 12 hour work day on Saturday. Earlier today I finally had a chance to compare it to my ’69 Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe… Wow! Without adjusting any of the trim pots it was closer to my original than any pedal I’ve ever tried! I had somewhat low expectations because every other Vibe I’ve tried sounded nothing like my original, but I was hopeful the Vibe Machine would come closer (out of respect for the other companies I won’t list the models I’ve tried, but it’s a very large number!). To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement! Some people get hung up on what transistors, resistors, etc… go into their pedals. I’m a player, not at collector so the SOUND is all I care about. I can’t say that it sounds exactly like my old Vibe, but it’s close enough that I can put it on my board and stop searching for any more Vibe clones (except maybe another Vibe Machine to go on my small board). It’s also worth pointing out that it doesn’t suffer from the volume drop you get with original Vibes. And being a huge David Gilmour fan, I think it’s great being able to tap between 2 different speed settings like his customized Vibe can. I could go on forever, but the main point I want to get across is that the Vibe Machine is one of the best sounding pedals I’ve ever heard and it has more than enough features to please even the most demanding players! Thank you and the whole team at DryBell! My search is over! Be well and take care!”
greg_yarberGREG YARBER,
Fulerton, United States, guitar player
“Wow! I am very impressed that you or anyone would actually be checking in with me to see how I am doing with their product. Well, it is safe to say that your pedal is supreme in so many ways and is the most natural and uncoloring of my tone, that I have experienced. So many other vibes add highs or lows, but yours is just warm, clean vibe heaven with no extra tone changing junk. Thanks for checking, Greg Yarber”

Fort Collins, CO, USA, Guitar player

“From the first time I heard Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys I had a thing for uni-vibes. Most that I’ve tried get pretty close but they lack the deep “throb” and unmistakeable tone that is inherent in those vintage photocell units. I picked up the v2 and it was everything I hoped it would be. Luscious, authentic vibe tones and, somehow, they managed to get it into a very small enclosure. I quickly dialed in the Intensity and Speed controls and BOOM – Machine Gun! Per usual, DryBell included a multitude of switches and trim pots for ultimate tweak-ability. Paired with The Engine and a good germanium fuzz, I’ve finally found THAT tone I’ve been chasing for years. Awesome.”



steve_stevensSTEVE STEVENS,
legendary guitarist for Billy Idol
“Hi Zvonch,
I got the pedal safe and sound. It is incredible. Sometimes people get hung up on Univibe pedals having to be exactly like the original 1969 version. I believe that if you can use modern technology to improve on something, then by all means do it. That’s how i feel about the Vibe Machine, it actually sounds like the best recorded examples of Univibe sounds, Hendrix & Trower come to mind. I am putting together a new travel pedalboard and your pedal will be on it for sure. BTW this video is fantastic, and creative. I hope to meet you next year when Billy Idol plays Croatia.
All the best,
Steve Stevens “
mick_hayesMICK HAYES,
NY, United States, guitar player, songwriter, ,
“Finally my Vibe search is over!!! I have spent countess dollars and hours researching boutique vibe pedals that you cannot try in music stores around the world. I found myself disappointed time and time again. On my studio recordings I have used an original Uni-Vibe I have owned for quite sometime but it’s never taken outside of those scenarios! When it came to the live shows I told myself I can live without that specific effect or better yet, avoid those songs. Since hearing the DryBell Vibe Machine I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am. When I strum a chord it just keeps pulsing/throbbing and with my semi-hollow guitar it gives me the PERFECT feedback and feel for those dramatic intro’s we guitarists love. That is something other “VIBE” pedals just didn’t do for me. I’m proud to say that my Vibe Machine is now being built on to a custom Vertex Effects system so that I have it at all gigs and for the studio too! Thanks to Zvonch and the team for being such an integral part of my tone.
jp_main_vibeJP CERVONI,
Lake Balboa,CA, United States, guitarist, Buddy Miles band/The Babys,
“JP is the only other guitar player, other then Jimi, that kicked my ass!” – the legendary Buddy Miles,

With my new power trio “Hendrix’s Gypsys” I perform music of Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles (myself and the drummer have been fortunate to work with both these Legendary Musicians).
The sound of a Vibe is extremely important here, I can tell you that I have tried many pedals and my search is over, your pedal does the job!! It’s compact and it has great options for fine-tuning the sound, and…WHAT A SOUND!!
JP’s trio is now the official Ambassador band of “The Jimi Hendrix Foundation“.
nick_perriNICK PERRI,
CA, USA, guitar player (Silvertide, Perry Farrell, Mount Holly)

“I already have 2 Vibe Machine pedals and I’m about to order my 3rd. I have them on all my boards and the truth is there is NO BETTER vibe pedal on the market. Over the years I have played them all. The Vibe Machine stands tall amongst the best. It’s versatile in ways many are not, and above all else it captures the warm and complex textures we have all come to know and love on our favorite records. If you’re in the market for a vibe pedal there is NO OTHER PEDAL that comes close. And have I mentioned how small and pedalboard friendly it is? It’s the best. Period.”
gino-matteoGINO MATTEO,
Riverside, CA, United States, guitarist and songwriter,

“If you’re looking for a vibe pedal that perfectly mimics the old Univibe and lives in a small footprint, look no further. This is the best vibe pedal I’ve ever played. It will be on my board forever. It’s not going anywhere… And luckily, it fits on any board!”
Berlin, Germany, Session Player, Songwriter, The Voice of Germany
“I have been playing all kinds of boutique uni vibes for many years, and some of them were great. However, the Vibe Machine just went on my new board. The DryBell pedal sounds outstanding. Loads of mojo, yet defined and dynamic. Also its compact size and extra features like the bright switch make it extremely user friendly. Other Vibes often have a volume drop, especially in combination with drive pedals or fuzzes. Not this one!
I play a lot for TV shows etc, with in-ear monitoring. In that setting you hear every little detail, and gear has to be quite and extremely reliable. I highly recommend the Vibe Machine. It’s reliable, small, practical, and sounds the bomb. Thank you DryBell, the search is over!!!
BTW the vibrato is extra spooky…..”
Bloomington, IN, United States, guitarist
“The DryBell Vibe Machine is not only the best sounding Vibe unit I own, but no matter if I’m in the studio or playing live, it’s versatility allows me to get the sounds I need to be creative and unique, and it’s small size allows me to put in on even my most cramped pedalboards!
The Vibe Machine V-1 is my “Go To” pedal for almost all my modulation FX needs!
I have rarely found an effect as versatile, and superior sounding as the vibe. I have several vibe units none sound as good or have the parameters available to me as an artist. I use it with a control pedal to change speed, and I prefer the buffer setting, not only makes the sound more out front but preserves my signal with the long cable runs used by most sidemen on big stages. It has replaced two modulation effects on my main pedalboard. It’s my go to pedal for most of my flanger and leslie simulations. I can’t tell how impressive this pedal is, and it gets constant attention from other professional players wanting to know what the sound they heard was! “
L.A., US, guitarist, songwriter,
“I’m a fulltime working musician and I’ve gone through a few vibe pedals. I always thought they could be improved upon like adding more presence or highs.
In a bigger band with keys and another guitar some of the uni clones get lost in the mix. I’ve tried I few that were brighter but the essence of the univibe was lost….sounded more like a brittle phase shifter or something. The Vibe Machine seems to keep that together, it kind of glues together with the guitar sound like a good vibe should.
I still have my old vibe which sounds really good but I just use for studio stuff……it’s too large for the board and drops in volume when engaged. Can’t wait to record with the Vibe Machine though. Also, I’m glad you added the option to switch on an input buffer AND/OR an output buffer. This seems to help in getting it to work well with different amps and pedals. Since you have your own custom photocells what about a 12 pole unit with stereo capability? You could even probably get close to flanging territory with more photocells, or 16 pole stereo/mono with the ability to add in the poles 4 at a time. I’m sure you guys are working on something.
Again, thanks for your hard work in developing this pedal and keeping that elusive vibe tone intact….plus the small size!
Best Regards, Norm “
tom_cundallTOM CUNDALL,
London, United Kingdom, guitarist
“Having owned my Vibe Machine for about five days now I felt compelled to write a little review. Let me start by saying this pedal is the best Uni-Vibe I have played to date, I have owned two of the most sought after pedals in the Uni-vibe market and played a few others and the VM has quickly retired both of them.
If you are reading this review the chances are you are the type of guitarist who obsesses over the sonic bliss that a good Uni-Vibe can give, for some reason these pedals have the ability to transform mobs of guitarists in to drooling children begging for Christmas to come early! Well fear not kids because Christmas is here! Sonic delights to be had for all!
First off let’s dive in to the texture and sound of the chorus side of the pedal.
The chorus offers a very lush swell, if you are familiar with the vibe sound then you will know what to expect here but it is the tonal dynamics and feel that set this pedal aside from other boutique Vibes I have tried, it is warm but clear creating a pristine shimmer that extends from chewy swirly side of the sound, so even when you are playing bass notes they are not lost in any muddiness, equally higher register notes are vibrant and clear but not in any way tinny or thin. In the past my complaints with other top name vibes has been either muddiness, tininess or flatness, the feel and sound of this pedal just has a certain something in the mix, a sort of presence if you like, when I played this in front of some overdrive it was electrifying! It felt as if it had a life of its own. With the right balance and tone I was very quickly able to recreate recognisable and convincing riffs ranging from Hendrix, Trower and Pink Floyd, tons of chewy swirly texture to get stuck in to as subtle or in your face as you like!
Not many people seem to be bothered about the Vibrato side of Uni-Vibes but to me this is a very important part of the pedal, my quest on the Uni-Vibe trail began when I found out that it was vibrato that Hendrix used on the song “Hey Baby” released on the lesser known Rainbow Bridge album and I’m sure on a few others, but this track really stuck with me because of the very subtle fast shimmer coming from the main rhythm guitar. Previously on other vibes the vibrato sides have been hit and miss but I’ve never found one where I was happy with both sides of the pedal, again the VM just nails this shimmering sound, set fast with almost no intensity this pedal delivers the mysterious shimmering action I’ve been looking for all this time, again as with the chorus side there is just this air of presence breathing life in to the sound coming from your guitar, a sheen perhaps?
For the purposes of this review I have left my pedal at factory settings as far as any of the dials on the side are concerned and the switches inside, running it at 9 volts and with the bright switch off. In summary this pedal feels alive compared to my other Vibes, it may not be as fat or bassy as some but it doesn’t need to be, it exudes energy and when overdriven it bristles and burns!!!
Just another vibe pedal? or epic gift to your arsenal on a par with some kind of mythical sword? You decide.
A biased review?
Just a bit! These guys got it right on a grand scale.”