Dave Rude

Dave Rude has been a member of the multi-platinum band Tesla since 2006. Along with the band’s constant international touring schedule, he has co-written and recorded on all Tesla albums since, including “Forever More” in 2008, “Simplicity” in 2014, and the Phil Collen-produced album “Shock” in 2019. He also recorded the 2007 double album of covers “Real to Reel (Vol. 1 & 2)”, 2012’s acoustic album “Twisted Wires & the Acoustic Sessions”, 2016’s “Mechanical Resonance Live!” as well as the 2020 live album from historic Abbey Road studios entitled “Five Man London Jam”. Rude also appears on Tesla’s live DVD “Comin’ Atcha Live 2008!”. Rude has also released several albums as a solo artist including a self-titled EP in 2007, “Carry Me Home” in 2009 and “The Key” in 2013. He released his latest solo album, “Through the Fire”, on Rat Pak Records in 2023.


He’s been using our Vibe Machine for quite some time and here’s what he says about it:

The Vibe Machine has such a rich, lush tone. I love putting it on a slow and low setting to use as an “always on” pedal for certain songs and then dialing up the speed and intensity for a full 3D sounding fast vibe effect in other places. It’s a super inspiring pedal that is so much fun to play!”