Footswitch F-1L

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The F-1L Footswitch is an accessory for the Vibe Machine V-2 or V-3 pedal. It is designed for multiple purposes, specifically for the V-2/V-3: Tap Tempo, Leslie FAST/SLOW mode, Two Speed mode or to engage the Cancel function. It is a simple latching footswitch wired tip to sleeve. Naturally, it can be used with any other pedal which uses a footswitch option.


You will find its small size (5 x 5cm / 2 x 2″) very practical for use on any type of pedalboard. We use only high quality components (Neutrik jacks/Alpha switches) in both the F-1L and the Vibe Machine pedals. It is a very solid and durable footswitch made out of aluminum. We also use graphite metallic finish on both the F-1L Footswitch and the Vibe Machine V-2.


In order to connect the F-1L Footswitch to the Vibe Machine V-2 or V-3 PEDAL+ expression input, use a simple mono patch cable (a stereo patch cable will also work).
As a token of our gratitude you will find a small gift inside the box: a DryBell pick along with four self-adhesive rubber feet.


If you decide to purchase this footswitch in the same order as the Vibe Machine, there will be no additional shipping costs. The F-1L is a lightweight device (105g/0.23 lb) and packed together with the Vibe Machine will only weigh approximately (0.5kg/1lb).



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Your DryBell Team

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