Jacob Petersen

Jacob Petersen spent the first 24 years of his life in Aarhus, Denmark. Although a late start on the guitar, at the age of 17, Jacob has quickly developed a reputation as a world class guitarist/musician. A move to the US to further develop his playing has led to gigs through out the US, Canada and Europe with Curtis Salgado, Javina Magness and even a friendship with Steve Miller.
In 2005, the Salgado band toured opening for Steve Miller. Steve was so impressed with Jacob’s playing and feel on stage that he invited him to sit in at the Mandalay Casino in Las Vegas. In 2011, Jacob became an official member of The Steve Miller Band.


His view on the Vibe Machine:

I’m blown away with how inspiring The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 is to play and how versatile it is while also being super simple to use. I’ve had uni-vibe pedals on my board before but always removed them shortly after, because they’re always huge and has a limited range of use which make them inefficient and impractical on most pedal boards. Not so with the DryBell! It has a unimaginable small footprint, uses a regular 9 volts without a loss in fidelity, all the controls work in perfect harmony, and the ramp feature with the external foot switch is just icing on the cake. I also find it fantastic for funk rhythm parts, it’s so textured and juicy, while cutting through the mix no problem. I LOVE this pedal!


Update in 03/22. Vibe Machine V-3 review:

For me, this one here is the one! I like how it keeps the EQ clean and modeling the whole signal. For me, it’s a bit more “rewarding” to play. Also, the vibrato sounds better to me. For that Leslie thing it’s super cool too, especially if you have the foot switch.

Often when we hear a recording, it’s recorded in an ideal way so we hear everything right. I.e. Trower, Bridge Of Sighs. I like that on the V3 its depth is a bit more intense because to me, in a live situation, that extra depth actually helps get a fair deal closer to that tone on the record we all love, EVEN if in theory, the univibe on the original Trower track had a bit less intensity happening. In a live mix, the V3’s deeper/richer signature helps getting much closer to that real sound. You just hear it instantly and everyone will feel it.
V2 still kills, but the V3 if my favorite. Thanks for killing every time ?