Module 4 is released!



Dear friends!

After almost two years of intense working on this beauty, we can finally say, the Module 4 is released!

As with all previous DryBell designs, we wanted to bring something special and inspirational to your gear arsenal.

It has been a challenging but fun two year journey for us and now it’s up to you to try the Module 4 for yourself. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

  • You can read about the Module 4 on our Product page
  • DryBell official demo is HERE
  • Also, more demo reviews are coming out today: Brett Kingman, Pete Thorn, Mike Hermans and Perfecto De Castro – check them out!

The first batch of Module 4 pedals is available for purchase exclusively from the DryBell shop.

So, order your Module 4 now, you won’t be disappointed! ?

Your DryBell team