Module 4 reviews

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading about other people’s experiences with something you’ve put so much of your energy and love into it.
Good or bad, we love them all, so if you’re tried the new Module 4, please give us your honest feedback. Thank you!


American producer, artist and musician, best known for his association with Pink Floyd and, more specifically, its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters.


I think I may use compression in a very different way from how I believe most people do. Maybe I’m wrong. I like lots of it, but not on the attack.
The most important qualities I listen for are…

1) the integrity of the signal
2) a lack of makeup ramp
3) the signal seems to get much bigger rather than sounding squashed
4) versatility-I use a wide range of instruments, so it has to have a lot of adaptability & tweakability
5)personality-I don’t want transparency, I like it to have grab and its own sound

DryBell’s Module 4 is all of those things and more.

Yes, it can do Orange Squeezer brilliantly, but so much in addition.
I highly recommend it.
I really love this pedal.
I’ll definitely be using it on our upcoming European tour.



San Pedro CA, USA

“The Unit67 has been my (almost) always on, ALWAYS make everything sound better secret weapon for the last few years. Then I got a Module 4… I’ve never found a compressor that I could truly get along with until the Unit67- and I like the Module 4 even better. How can it be this good???

The Module 4 provides the perfect clean tone. It also sweetens an already great overdriven tone into excellence, without any drawbacks that conventional compressors might add. You still have touch sensitivity, you still have dynamics. What you don’t have is noise.

I’m using the Module 4 into Unit67 into side A of The Engine and my tone has never been better.”

Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA, Guitar player

Well the first part of my feedback should be obvious; it’s great to not have to worry about what instruments I can or can’t plug my original Dan Armstrong Orange Squeeze into, especially since my main instrument these days is a Strat!! But all kidding aside, I absolutely love the Module 4. It’s got everything I really liked about my Orange Squeezer and a whole lot more!

The biggest thing for me is that the Module 4 can provide me that big round warm Orange Squeeze compression and it just sounds so accurate! Or it can be quickly switched to FFR (still getting the hang of the push and hold by-pass control features) and change the whole vibe of the pedal.

And I gotta say that the killer modern compressor tones are just as fantastic. Being someone whose always used Compressors first in my signal chain, the Module 4 just works perfectly with my rig. I’ve gotta say that the pedal was really really well thought out too. I especially love how I can use it to boost single coil output while removing extraneous noise yet get such beautiful note sustain. And the FFR side of the pedal provides that more modern sparkling clean compression. It really is two Compressors in one unique (and cool) enclosure. I could go on but I think the easiest thing to say is “Well Done”…..and I LOVE it!!!

Cheers from your biggest DryBell fan in Sonoma, CA 🙂 ”



Remscheid, Germany


I’m not familiar with the Orange Squeezer, I never had the chance to try one – until now, in a way, because the Module 4 is a beautiful and incredibly versatile take on that, and I have to say that I loved it straight away. It’s a pure joy to play with, and the additional features take the original to a whole new level. The playing feel is very nice and the sound is absolutely stunning. It’s also very tweakable, from subtle compression to heavy squash, it’s all in there. And, of course, it has a lot of character. It’s a brilliant design, all the extra controls make perfect sense. So far, I’ve used it for recording guitar and bass and the results are simply amazing, it sounds gorgeous.
I’m certainly going to try it with other sources as well.
The Module 4 is definitely one of the best compressor pedals available – if not the best!


Chicago, IL


Just writing to say my tele made a new friend 🙂
Every time I see that orange button light up I get excited to play. Thanks for another great design!”


I picked up my module 4 from my dealer today and I wanted to congratulate you and thank you! I’ve been using and testing a lot of effects for 15 years, so I’ve been able to test bad, good and very good effects, but your Module 4 is the highest quality effect I’ve tried! !! Everything is musical, velvety and pleasant. Your design is extremely well thought out and the great precision of your explanations on your site shows that you love sound and a job well done!
A big thank you to your whole team!”


Pennsylvania, USA
I want you to know how delighted I’ve been with my new Module 4! It has been a real pleasure to use over the past month. Works great in front of an Ampeg PF50-T! It’s a joy with electric bass, giving me a compression *feel* I’ve been hunting for. Its many refinements are evident. As I compare it with other pedal compressors, it out-performs many of them. Like with your Unit67, even more so I’d wager, some keen, trained ears blessed this project. The Module 4 does more of what I wanted from the Unit67 on bass. Its single tone knob beats twisting Low, High, and Range. Its feature set is terrific. If I were adding a single feature to it for bass… maybe a variable LPF? However, the team picked a very nice feature set as-is! Sincere thanks. My fiancé also appreciates the leather keychain for her newly acquired key. Best wishes for the DryBell team!