Scott Martinez

Scott discovered music in the woods of Maine at a very young age. Sitting around a campfire with his Grandfather, someone pulled out a guitar and started singing. Drawn in through the eyes of a child, Scott was amazed at how something so simple could be so powerful. Growing up in the San Francisco bay area, Scott took guitar lessons for a very brief time, and then started his musical career as a skate punk – playing in punk bands on borrowed equipment in the San Jose area. A bit of musical success came in 1989, when his band Autumn Cathedral (AC) released their debut album “Asleep Within Waves” on Vinyl, CD and Cassette. AC made it into Michael Levine’s book “THE ADDRESS BOOK”, 7th Edition, released in 1995. AC disbanded due to blacklisting of their record label in 1991, Scott was disillusioned and brokenhearted and moved on to other things, before coming back to music in 2007 — with Alice Sweet Alice‘s first recordings. During the time gone from music, Scott struggled with depression and alcohol – but overcame both when music came back into his life. To Scott, music is a deeply personal and intense experience, and something that was greatly missed. To him, music is more than something to hear and create, it is something to listen to, and live.
“The Vibe Machine was what I had been looking for, but had failed to find.  I have a keen ear for analog, running a recording studio with many analog tools, and all the pedals I had tried sounded so one dimensional.  This pedal was love at first play!”