Vibe Machine™ V-1



Enjoy authentic vibe sounds without taking up a ton of space on your pedalboard!
The Vibe Machine™ series – the world’s first smallest vibe pedal. Even in its little box it retains almost all the features of the classic Univibe – small in size, big on sound! When you switch the Vibe Machine on, your guitar melts into a swirling three dimensional space inhabited by chewy vibe harmonics and textures. It’s all here, from shimmering liquid trebles to throbbing pulse-like waves of bass; a sonic force of beauty that tears down the walls around you!
All our custom photocells are matched with specially constructed testers, which ensures you really get an exceptional rotating vibe sound.
The Vibe Machine is incredibly practical for any pedalboard due to its small footprint. This has the significant advantage of allowing you space for two smaller pedals in place of a larger one.
Leslie®, buffers and all the great vibe sound options…
When you connect an expression pedal to the Vibe Machine the oscillation speed can be changed by foot. On top of this, if you use the Leslie® acceleration (internal jumper) option, the oscillations gradually speed up or slow down just as they would with a real Leslie cabinet. We are the first to implement this option for Vibe pedals; this is something you should definitely try. Either way, you have control over the oscillation speed while you play.
The Vibe Machine V-1 offers more features still: for instance, if you prefer a brighter sound, moving the switch to the BRIGHT position will turn on the input JFET buffer, taking over the entire tonal range of your pickups no matter how long your cable is.
Furthermore, if you use longer cables from your pedalboard to your amplifier, you can turn on the output buffer to achieve a cleaner, more defined vibe sound.

A gift for you!

Within each Vibe Machine box purchased directly from DryBell, you will find a special gift for you – a handmade leather DryBell keychain pick-holder!

Your pedal
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Thank you,
Your DryBell Team
P.S. Don’t forget that if for some reason you are not satisfied with your pedal, you can always return it for a full refund and you can keep your DryBell pick-holder. Anyway, we are very confident you’ll be keeping your Vibe Machine with a big smile for many years to come. Some known Vibe Machine users are Michael Landau, Jesse Johnson, Charlie Starr, Steve Stevens and many, many others…
Uni-Vibe® is a registered trademark of Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.
Leslie® is a registered trademark of Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc.
We reserve the right to change prices, design and technical specifications without notice.


DryBell Vibe Machine V-1 demo

DryBell Vibe Machine, demo by Pete Thorn

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steve_stevensSTEVE STEVENS,
legendary guitarist for Billy Idol
“Hi Zvonch,
I got the pedal safe and sound. It is incredible. Sometimes people get hung up on Univibe pedals having to be exactly like the original 1969 version. I believe that if you can use modern technology to improve on something, then by all means do it. That’s how i feel about the Vibe Machine, it actually sounds like the best recorded examples of Univibe sounds, Hendrix & Trower come to mind. I am putting together a new travel pedalboard and your pedal will be on it for sure. BTW this video is fantastic, and creative. I hope to meet you next year when Billy Idol plays Croatia.
All the best,
Steve Stevens “
mick_hayesMICK HAYES,
NY, United States, guitar player, songwriter, ,
“Finally my Vibe search is over!!! I have spent countess dollars and hours researching boutique vibe pedals that you cannot try in music stores around the world. I found myself disappointed time and time again. On my studio recordings I have used an original Uni-Vibe I have owned for quite sometime but it’s never taken outside of those scenarios! When it came to the live shows I told myself I can live without that specific effect or better yet, avoid those songs. Since hearing the DryBell Vibe Machine I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am. When I strum a chord it just keeps pulsing/throbbing and with my semi-hollow guitar it gives me the PERFECT feedback and feel for those dramatic intro’s we guitarists love. That is something other “VIBE” pedals just didn’t do for me. I’m proud to say that my Vibe Machine is now being built on to a custom Vertex Effects system so that I have it at all gigs and for the studio too! Thanks to Zvonch and the team for being such an integral part of my tone.
jp_main_vibeJP CERVONI,
Lake Balboa,CA, United States, guitarist, Buddy Miles band/The Babys,
“JP is the only other guitar player, other then Jimi, that kicked my ass!” – the legendary Buddy Miles,

With my new power trio “Hendrix’s Gypsys” I perform music of Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles (myself and the drummer have been fortunate to work with both these Legendary Musicians).
The sound of a Vibe is extremely important here, I can tell you that I have tried many pedals and my search is over, your pedal does the job!! It’s compact and it has great options for fine-tuning the sound, and…WHAT A SOUND!!
JP’s trio is now the official Ambassador band of “The Jimi Hendrix Foundation“.
nick_perriNICK PERRI,
CA, USA, guitar player (Silvertide, Perry Farrell, Mount Holly)

“I already have 2 Vibe Machine pedals and I’m about to order my 3rd. I have them on all my boards and the truth is there is NO BETTER vibe pedal on the market. Over the years I have played them all. The Vibe Machine stands tall amongst the best. It’s versatile in ways many are not, and above all else it captures the warm and complex textures we have all come to know and love on our favorite records. If you’re in the market for a vibe pedal there is NO OTHER PEDAL that comes close. And have I mentioned how small and pedalboard friendly it is? It’s the best. Period.”
gino-matteoGINO MATTEO,
Riverside, CA, United States, guitarist and songwriter,

“If you’re looking for a vibe pedal that perfectly mimics the old Univibe and lives in a small footprint, look no further. This is the best vibe pedal I’ve ever played. It will be on my board forever. It’s not going anywhere… And luckily, it fits on any board!”
Berlin, Germany, Session Player, Songwriter, The Voice of Germany
“I have been playing all kinds of boutique uni vibes for many years, and some of them were great. However, the Vibe Machine just went on my new board. The DryBell pedal sounds outstanding. Loads of mojo, yet defined and dynamic. Also its compact size and extra features like the bright switch make it extremely user friendly. Other Vibes often have a volume drop, especially in combination with drive pedals or fuzzes. Not this one!
I play a lot for TV shows etc, with in-ear monitoring. In that setting you hear every little detail, and gear has to be quite and extremely reliable. I highly recommend the Vibe Machine. It’s reliable, small, practical, and sounds the bomb. Thank you DryBell, the search is over!!!
BTW the vibrato is extra spooky…..”
Bloomington, IN, United States, guitarist
“The DryBell Vibe Machine is not only the best sounding Vibe unit I own, but no matter if I’m in the studio or playing live, it’s versatility allows me to get the sounds I need to be creative and unique, and it’s small size allows me to put in on even my most cramped pedalboards!
The Vibe Machine V-1 is my “Go To” pedal for almost all my modulation FX needs!
I have rarely found an effect as versatile, and superior sounding as the vibe. I have several vibe units none sound as good or have the parameters available to me as an artist. I use it with a control pedal to change speed, and I prefer the buffer setting, not only makes the sound more out front but preserves my signal with the long cable runs used by most sidemen on big stages. It has replaced two modulation effects on my main pedalboard. It’s my go to pedal for most of my flanger and leslie simulations. I can’t tell how impressive this pedal is, and it gets constant attention from other professional players wanting to know what the sound they heard was! “
L.A., US, guitarist, songwriter,
“I’m a fulltime working musician and I’ve gone through a few vibe pedals. I always thought they could be improved upon like adding more presence or highs.
In a bigger band with keys and another guitar some of the uni clones get lost in the mix. I’ve tried I few that were brighter but the essence of the univibe was lost….sounded more like a brittle phase shifter or something. The Vibe Machine seems to keep that together, it kind of glues together with the guitar sound like a good vibe should.
I still have my old vibe which sounds really good but I just use for studio stuff……it’s too large for the board and drops in volume when engaged. Can’t wait to record with the Vibe Machine though. Also, I’m glad you added the option to switch on an input buffer AND/OR an output buffer. This seems to help in getting it to work well with different amps and pedals. Since you have your own custom photocells what about a 12 pole unit with stereo capability? You could even probably get close to flanging territory with more photocells, or 16 pole stereo/mono with the ability to add in the poles 4 at a time. I’m sure you guys are working on something.
Again, thanks for your hard work in developing this pedal and keeping that elusive vibe tone intact….plus the small size!
Best Regards, Norm “
tom_cundallTOM CUNDALL,
London, United Kingdom, guitarist
“Having owned my Vibe Machine for about five days now I felt compelled to write a little review. Let me start by saying this pedal is the best Uni-Vibe I have played to date, I have owned two of the most sought after pedals in the Uni-vibe market and played a few others and the VM has quickly retired both of them.
If you are reading this review the chances are you are the type of guitarist who obsesses over the sonic bliss that a good Uni-Vibe can give, for some reason these pedals have the ability to transform mobs of guitarists in to drooling children begging for Christmas to come early! Well fear not kids because Christmas is here! Sonic delights to be had for all!
First off let’s dive in to the texture and sound of the chorus side of the pedal.
The chorus offers a very lush swell, if you are familiar with the vibe sound then you will know what to expect here but it is the tonal dynamics and feel that set this pedal aside from other boutique Vibes I have tried, it is warm but clear creating a pristine shimmer that extends from chewy swirly side of the sound, so even when you are playing bass notes they are not lost in any muddiness, equally higher register notes are vibrant and clear but not in any way tinny or thin. In the past my complaints with other top name vibes has been either muddiness, tininess or flatness, the feel and sound of this pedal just has a certain something in the mix, a sort of presence if you like, when I played this in front of some overdrive it was electrifying! It felt as if it had a life of its own. With the right balance and tone I was very quickly able to recreate recognisable and convincing riffs ranging from Hendrix, Trower and Pink Floyd, tons of chewy swirly texture to get stuck in to as subtle or in your face as you like!
Not many people seem to be bothered about the Vibrato side of Uni-Vibes but to me this is a very important part of the pedal, my quest on the Uni-Vibe trail began when I found out that it was vibrato that Hendrix used on the song “Hey Baby” released on the lesser known Rainbow Bridge album and I’m sure on a few others, but this track really stuck with me because of the very subtle fast shimmer coming from the main rhythm guitar. Previously on other vibes the vibrato sides have been hit and miss but I’ve never found one where I was happy with both sides of the pedal, again the VM just nails this shimmering sound, set fast with almost no intensity this pedal delivers the mysterious shimmering action I’ve been looking for all this time, again as with the chorus side there is just this air of presence breathing life in to the sound coming from your guitar, a sheen perhaps?
For the purposes of this review I have left my pedal at factory settings as far as any of the dials on the side are concerned and the switches inside, running it at 9 volts and with the bright switch off. In summary this pedal feels alive compared to my other Vibes, it may not be as fat or bassy as some but it doesn’t need to be, it exudes energy and when overdriven it bristles and burns!!!
Just another vibe pedal? or epic gift to your arsenal on a par with some kind of mythical sword? You decide.
A biased review?
Just a bit! These guys got it right on a grand scale.”

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